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   Chapter 12 she must be drunk

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At Canlas Villa in the capital.

The villa of the Yan clan was located in No.3 mansion of the first grade in Canlas Villa. Although the Yan clan wasn't very famous in the capital, it was a rich and powerful family. Besides, the Yan clan's wealth had increased several times since the Evan took over the Yan clan.

In addition, Susan and Roger were about to get engaged. So the Yan family could be regarded as one of the most popular rich people in the business circle now.

At this moment, lights were lit all around the house and the atmosphere was jubilant.

In the corner, the servants were chatting.

"Well, Lady Cassandra finally got married in place of Lady Susan. Then the engagement party of Mr. Roger and Lady Susan will be held. I am so looking forward to this century's engagement ceremony..."

"Anyway, both of them are Mr. Evan's daughters, Why are they so different?"

"You don't understand. Lady Susan once told me that Mr. Lu looked very ugly. Lady Susan was the apple of Master Evan's eyes and now she had a very good reputation in the entertainment circle, Of course Master Evan was reluctant to marry her to that ugly man."

"I see I feel sorry for Lady Cassandra. "

When the servants were gossiping about the eloquence, a tall man, like a ghost, quietly stood under a tree not far away.

For some reason, the servant's words irritated the man.

Roger should be happy that Cassandra agreed to marry replace Susan. After all, if she did, he could be with his lover legally. But her last words were like a curse echoing in his mind.

What they said was right. Cassandra was just an unwelcome daughter in the Yan family, far less than Susan. As far as Susan was concerned, not only was she born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but also had made a splash in the entertainment circle. It was very likely that she would be elected as the best actress someday

Standing next to Susan, all the salesladies thought they were perfect match.

In addition, he believed that he was born to have such a

beautiful woman as his wife.


'Why does he always think of a face similar to Susan's but always submissive and nervous?'

"Director Roger, why are you here? Are you feeling uncomfortable? " An elegant voice came from behind, and then a pair of white and tender hands reached out and wrapped around the man's waist intimately.

A faint fragrance lingered between his nose, and a flustered look swept over Roger's eyes, but it quickly returned to calm. Then he immediately grabbed the girl's slender arm, "no, I'm not drunk, I'm just a little drunk, coming out to breathe."

The woman took the opportunity, leaned on the man, and kissed his lips with a strong smell of alcohol. Just in an instant, the man's body was like a burning flame, which instantly swept through his body.

A desire suddenly rose in the bottom of Roger's eyes. He grabbed the woman's head with one hand, pressed her against the tree behind her and kissed her crazily.

A dash of lust flashed through her eyes Only her!


Just let that bitch live happily for a while, and she will find a way to get rid of her forever, no matter this man in front of her, the Yan family, or even Martin All these belonged to her!

"Director Roger You hurt me... " Susan said shyly, pouting her lips.

"You're such a stubborn woman. I'll cut you some slack today. Let's get inside," said Roger with a smile

Susan suddenly leaned in the man's arms like a little bird and asked, "yes, my dear brother, will you love me all your life?"

"Of course, you are my princess. I only love you all my life." "Yes, Mr. Gu.".

He must have drunk too much tonight, so he had such a ridiculous idea just now. The only person he loved in his life was Susan and they were going to be engaged. He only owed Yan and did nothing else.

"Me too. I will only love you all my life." Susan responded with a faint smile, but her eyes betrayed her.

Roger rubbed the woman's hair, contentedly holding the woman in his arms, and walked toward the villa hall.

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