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   Chapter 11 Is It Worth It

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Inside the Lu Group's private hospital

"Mr. Lu,

we've given Mrs. Lu a comprehensive check-up. It seems like there's nothing wrong with her body. There is no serious injury on her head. She won't have a concussion because of that incident," the doctor explained gingerly.

The doctor was unsure why his boss was so panicked. Cassandra only bumped her head, and it didn't even bruise. And yet Martin asked him to check him over as if she had some terminal disease.

Cassandra had been forced to undergo a thorough check-up. Upon hearing this, she looked at Martin and said, "I told you that I was fine. I don't need a thorough check-up at all."

She had tried desperately to prevent him from going to his grandfather's place.

Martin nodded at the doctor. "You'll have a pay rise this month."

The doctor's eyes widened in shock. He couldn't believe what Martin just said. After working in this hospital for years, he was finally given a pay rise. Yet his patient was not hurt at all.

Despite feeling grateful, he couldn't help but feel insulted by his sudden show of generosity. It hurt his pride as a professional.

Cassandra stood up and asked, "Can we go home now?"

'Go home?'

Martin was a little taken aback.

His parents had passed away when he was young. Because of his mother's humble background, he often received the cold shoulder from the Lu Clan. He never considered Serene Garden or Yan Garden his home.

Martin's eyes softened, and he stared deeply into her eyes as he said, "Alright, let's go home."

When they returned to Yan Garden, Martin helped Cassandra settle into bed. He didn't leave her side until he was sure that she had fallen asleep.

In the study

Martin sat on the sofa with his lips set into a firm line. "Tell me," he demanded in a terrifying voice.

Carlos wiped the sweat from his forehead. "I heard that on the way to Serene Garden, there was a group of assassins waiting for us. If Cassandra didn't insist on going to the sushi shop,

I'm afraid we wouldn't have survived tonight!"

Carlos was shocked when he heard the news. He had been worried that the elders would blame Martin for not coming. But now, he was grateful that everything turned out the way that it did. If it weren't for Cassandra's sudden craving for sushi and her hitting her head and insisting on going to the hospital, all of them would've been dead by now.

Cassandra saved them all without eve

n realizing it!

With a murderous look, Martin asked, "Who planned it?"

Carlos swallowed and said in a cautious voice, "They work for Elder Cary. You broke his grandson's leg, and I'm afraid Elder Cary won't let you go."

'Elder Cary?

He's courting death!'

Martin's eyes darkened. He narrowed his eyes and said, "If that's the case, then he can't blame me for what I'm going to do."

Tonight, Cassandra was also in the car. It wouldn't have angered him so much if only his life were on the line, but he couldn't accept that Cassandra had almost been killed because of him.

"Yes, sir," Carlos replied, lowering his eyes. He looked at Martin with worried eyes.

If it were in the past, he would ask Martin not to pay much attention to a woman. When he thought back to the frightening scene tonight, he couldn't help but bite back his words.

With deep eyes, Martin commanded, "Tell Josef to come back here."

Carlos couldn't believe his ears. "Josef is carrying out an important mission in Y Country. I'm not sure it would be a good idea for him to come back right now."

Josef was the leader of Martin's bodyguards. Martin considered Carlos and Josef as his most trusted confidants. Since Martin was ordering Josef to come home, the mission he set out for might not be completed smoothly.

"Are you questioning my judgment?" Martin asked coldly.

Carlos was stunned by his question.

Josef was in charge of the mission in Y Country. It was a critical time for them, and Josef's sudden departure might cause the mission to fail. If that happened, all of their efforts would be in vain.

Carlos gritted his teeth and mustered up the courage to say, "I know you're doing this for Cassandra's safety. I'll make sure to assign more people to protect her. Our mission in Y Country is almost completed. We've worked on this for so long, but now you're asking Josef to come back. is it worth the risk?"

Was it worth it?

Was it worth giving up the forces that were about to be acquired for a woman?

Martin narrowed his eyes and tapped his slender fingers on his desk. The room felt suffocating.

As Martin continued to keep silent, Carlos grew more and more frantic. Martin finally said, "In this world, nothing is more important than her. Even my own life."

Carlos was appalled by his declaration.

The public display of affection made him sick. He really wanted to roll his eyes at Martin and leave.

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