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   Chapter 10 everything of mine is yours

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 4932

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Outside a sushi shop in the capital city.

Several black luxury cars stopped outside the inconspicuous sushi shop and immediately drew a lot of attention. Some people even took out their mobile phones to take photos, guessing who was the owner of the car.

The next second, the back door of a black Maybach was opened by a tall man. Then, a girl in black casual clothes jumped out of the car.

"What kind of flavor do you like?" The girl raised her head and smiled gently.

Carlos's fingers that were still holding the car door froze slightly, In his dark eyes, the girl's charming smile, which was as enchanting as a devil, took his mind off for a moment.

Recently, he had been in charge of monitoring the Yan clan. He knew well how Cassandra resisted marrying Martin and even went on a hunger strike.

Martin and he didn't believe that Cassandra had moved on, let alone giving up Roger. However, what he saw now made him doubt that what she said was true.

What the hell did she want to do?

Has she really thought it through or For something else?

Carlos quickly collected himself and slightly lowered his eyes. "Sister in law, that's very kind of you, I'm not hungry."

With her mouth twitched, Cassandra walked a few steps and returned in a hurry. She got into the car at once and reached out her hand, "Martin, I am in a hurry to go out with no money. Could you lend me your wallet?, I will return it to you later!"

In the car, the man raised his dark eyes to look at the girl, and then took out a black wallet and handed it to her. "Everything of mine is yours."

What the hell? Was she hit on by Martin again! !

To be honest, she didn't expect that Martin could be such a playboy!

Then she grabbed the wallet from the cashier and turned around. Suddenly, she stood up so fast that her head hit against the door.

Shit! ! Why do I feel that my brain is even more damaged after rebirth!

Cassandra wanted to scold Yun Qi, but in order to maintain her virtuous image, she endured the pain. Next second, a cold hand covered her head and gently rubbed the place she hit.

When his palm touched her head, the pain was killing her, but it didn't seem to hurt at all.

"Do you still feel pain?" Asked Martin with a frown, seeing the girl standing there in a daze.

Cassandra shook her head immediately and then nodded. She sniffed and felt wronged. "It hurts, Martin. I think I'm going to the hospital, This place is bound

to be crippled."

"Okay, we'll go to the hospital now," said Martin, biting his lips

"Master, but what if elder Logan asks about it?", Carlos said worriedly

Martin's face suddenly darkened, He shot a cold stare at Carlos and said, "so what?"

This had always been the case. For the sake of Cassandra, he didn't care whether he went against the world or not?

Carlos tried to say something, but in the end he just lowered his head and said nothing.

In the Ning Garden, capital.

Ning Garden was a long, ancient building, built along the mountains and rivers, surrounded by pavilions, terraces, towers and curtains. It appeared to be modest and luxurious.

The heads of the Lu clan and the seven elders of the Lu clan who rarely showed up but had unusual status lived in the Ning Garden. Unless the family was experiencing great events, the elders usually did not interfere in the family affairs.

At this moment, in a courtyard of the Ning Garden.

Orchids were planted around the courtyard, which could be seen all year round. At this time, an old man in a light purple robe was sitting under a osmanthus tree, face gloomy.

With a ferocious look, the old man said coldly, "what did you say? As for Martin He took the woman from the Yan family to the hospital? !"

There was a man kneeling on the ground in front of the old man. He was dressed in black all over, with his nose and mouth covered.

The marked man got panic when he heard the words. "Yes, we have made the plan. As long as they enter the position of our robbers, we are sure that they will lose the chance to live..."

Before the man in black could finish his words, the old man grabbed a purple sand teapot from the table and smashed it in the man's head. "A bunch of losers!" he sneered! I've planned for so long. You bastard! "

There was a long and thin wound on the man's head, and the blood immediately dripped down. However, he was covered with a black hood, so it was not a big deal. At this moment, the old man was so angry that he did not dare to snort.

"I'm sorry. Please punish me!" The man in black gritted his teeth and said in a low voice.

A cold light flashed in the old man's eyes. His old finger gently rubbed the jade ring on the thumb of his left hand, and said coldly, "he crippled one of my grandson's legs. I must let him pay with his life! Since he was lucky today, I would let him go. But He'll be responsible for his disobedience! "

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