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   Chapter 9 do you need to bring some gifts

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All of a sudden, the air around became deathly silent, which looked weird.

The look on Cassandra's face froze, and she stopped as if her vital points were locked. She stood still, while the cool and brutal look on Martin's chiseled face turned into icy cruelty. His eyes were as dark as the night, like the frost that had never changed.

Couldn't she just stop acting

"Why didn't you tell me earlier? To meet your parents What if grandpa doesn't like me? Shall I change a better dress? What kind of girl does grandpa like? " Cassandra asked in a whisper.

After keeping silent for a few seconds, with unpredictable and cold expression on his face, Martin said in a low voice, "Grandpa will like you."

Cassandra immediately raised her head and asked nervously, "really? Well, it's your first time to meet Grandpa. Do you want to bring some gifts? "

In her previous life, she seldom came back to the Lu family's old house because she always disagreed with Martin, At that time, the real ruler of the Lu family, that was, Martin's grandfather, had fallen into deep sleep. Every time she came back to the old house, she made a mess in the house. So she didn't like this man.

Of course, she did not care about it in her previous life. She hoped that everyone in the Lu family would hate her, so that Martin would let her go. However, in this life, whether it was Martin or anyone around him, she had to try her best to please them.

Martin rolled his eyes," no, thanks."

"You really don't have to do that?", Cassandra scratched her head, struggling? What does grandfather like to eat? I have prepared for him next time. He usually likes soft food? I'll think about it... "

Hearing this, a touch of strange emotion appeared in Martin's eyes. He was worried about the Cassandra would be uneasy after marriage, so he didn't intend to take her back to the old house so soon. However, it was out of his expectation that the girl would be restless one after another.

"Don't you think about how to feed your man first?" Martin raised his eyebrows and gave an unreadable expression in his eyes.

A alarm rang in Cassandra's head and she stared at Martin, thinking, 'damn it, am I hit by the big demon Martin?'! Cassandra thought anxiously!

"Yes, you're right, Mr. Lu. I won't make the same mistake again," Cassandra cleared her throat

Who am I? Where am I? Why are all flowers in front of me

After a while, they

finally got on the car smoothly. In the front row, Carlos drove himself, and the black May Bach steadily drove out of the Yan's garden.

Martin always paid attention to his personal safety. After all, a few brothers of the Lu family fought with him everyday, and with great pain, he had nine bodyguards with him today, which were from one of his private forces Martin's bodyguards.

It seemed that Martin had already known that it wasn't safe for him to go out tonight. But there were more daredevils arranged by the Lu clan than that. What's more, Cassandra remembered that some of them were professional killers employed by the Lu clan, in order to eliminate Martin at all costs.

In her previous life, Martin was suffering from internal strife and external strife. He was betrayed by the inner ghost and suffered heavy losses in the company. Besides, he was abducted and went abroad. At that time, however, on the contrary, Cassandra was misled by Susan and escaped from the Yan's garden

The moment she closed her eyes, she could still feel an indescribable smell of blood.

"Martin..." Trying her best to recall the unpleasant memory of her previous life, Cassandra curled up her head in the man's arms and said in a low voice.

She had been extremely resistant to approach this man before, but in this life, she suddenly found that it seemed that only by the side of this man could she have a rare sense of security, because she knew that even if this man killed the world, he would not hurt her at all.

Martin put down his laptop and looked at Cassandra," what?"

"I'm a little hungry. Turn left there is a nice sushi shop. How about Please stop the car there. I'm going to buy some sushi, okay? " Said Cassandra, pouting.

She clearly remembered that the next intersection would be the place where the Lu's daredevils and killers had intended to killed Martin, If they changed their route, would they escape from this disaster?

Martin was her life saver. Before she became stronger, he had been You must be safe!

Hearing this, Carlos was anxious. They had set out late, and his young master was facing a lot of difficult things. Was this woman coming to make trouble on purpose?

"Master, the third elder has urged us several times." Said Carlos cautiously.

Martin stretched out his long finger and rubbed his brow, saying, "turn left."


Damn it! I knew his master was a fatuous king! !

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