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   Chapter 8 Love Of My Life

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Martin was silent for a few moments. He expected Cassandra to whine about their marriage, but she was intelligent enough not to do anything to provoke him. Even if she was only pretending, he found himself wanting to play along with her.

He was a villainous man whose hands were full of blood in the eyes of others, but he always protected her against harm.

In her previous life, the people around her all believed that Cassandra was good for nothing. All she did was cause Martin trouble. No one could understand why Martin fell in love with a hopeless case like her.

It was also a mystery to Cassandra. Why was he so stubborn about his love for her? If he tired of her and discarded her like garbage, things would have been different.

"How could it be? Casey, you're the love of my life." His sweet words sounded menacing when he spoke with that frosty expression.

Everyone knew the man in front of her to be arrogant and cold-blooded, but no one knew how he attained his success. No one knew who he truly was.

He answered her the same way he did in her previous life. Cassandra's back stiffened for a while. Then she raised her head with a look of sorrow and said, "You're going to leave me on our wedding night. What could be more important than your wife right now?"

A cold look flitted across his eyes. He had to leave tonight, or else Lu Clan's elders would complain again. He hadn't gotten full control of the Lu Clan just yet, so he had to be cautious and not make any missteps.

Otherwise, he would lose everything he had built for himself.

"Sir, the car is ready," Carlos reported.

Martin waved him away, and Carlos retreated with a bow.

The air in the living room was eerily silent.

Martin stroked her head and said, "I'll be back soon. If—"

"Can I come with you?" Cassandra interrupted. This was the only way she could think of to stay by his side.

She remembered in her last lif

e, Martin was seriously injured this time. She thought it was her lucky day and planned her escape away from him.

At the time, Susan, whom she had placed her trust in, helped her out of the property. But Cassandra didn't know that Susan also informed Martin of her plans. Martin's trust in her wholly dissipated. She didn't realize that breaking them apart was part of Susan's plan.

Martin grimaced slightly, but after a few moments, he chuckled and said, "Alright."

Cassandra watched him, dumbfounded at the sight. For once, he didn't look cold or ruthless, the way he always looked.

She didn't know that he could laugh so warmly.

Cassandra felt an unusual feeling blossoming in her heart, and her breathing stilled.

At that moment, she realized how blind she had been in her previous life. How could she have overlooked his handsome man and fallen for a scumbag like Roger? The mere thought broke her heart.

"Wait a minute; I'll just change my clothes. I'm wearing pajamas." Cassandra stood up and ran upstairs.

Martin watched her leave until she disappeared from his view. His long and slender fingers gently tapped the sofa's armrest as he sat expressionlessly. It was a mystery to everyone what he was thinking.

A few minutes later, Cassandra came back down.

She was dressed in black casual clothes. When she walked up to him, she asked, "What do you think of me dressing like this?"

It looked like Martin was indifferent to her, but the truth was, he was possessive over her. In her previous life, he forbade her from leaving Yan Garden alone. When she glanced at other men, it was enough to provoke him.

Martin seemed satisfied with her outfit and nodded, "Good."

When he stood up, Cassandra instantly reached out and held his arm. With a demure look, she asked, "Where are we going this late?"

With a cruel gleam in his eyes, Martin replied in a cold voice, "To visit my family."

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