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   Chapter 8 you are my life

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Martin kept silent for a few seconds. He had thought that Cassandra would complain after she got married, but he didn't expect that she was so smart that she didn't do anything wrong. Even if she was just pretending, he found himself willing to play with her.

That big demon whose hands were full of blood and bloodthirsty in the eyes of outsiders was always protecting her regardless of anything in her world.

In her previous life, all the people believed that Cassandra was good for nothing but cause trouble to Martin. They didn't understand why Martin fell in love with such a useless vase.

Cassandra also didn't understand why Martin was so stubborn and loved her so much. If he was tired of her and threw her away like rubbish, then she would not have such a bad ending.

"How could that be? Cassandra You are my life... " He was just sitting there casually, wearing a frosty expression which had not melted for thousands of years. But Cassandra felt that he had experienced countless vicissitudes of life just by one glance at him.

It was known that the man in front of them was arrogant and cold-blooded, but no one knew how he achieved his success step by step.

Hearing the same answer as she did in her previous life, Cassandra's back was frozen and her eyes seemed to flash for a moment, Then she raised her head with grievance and asked, "since you are going to abandon me on your wedding night, what can be more important than me?"

A touch of coldness flitted across Martin's eyes. He must leave tonight, otherwise those old antiques in the family would have misunderstandings. Now he was not able to control the whole Lu clan, so he must be careful and take no wrong step.

Otherwise, he would have lost everything if he had taken a wrong step.

"Master, the car is ready." Carlos coughed and reported.

Martin waved his hand, and Carlos sensibly retreated.

The air in the hall was eerie silent.

Martin rubbed her hair and said, "I'll be back soon. If you're afraid..."

"Can I go with you?" For Martin, this was the only thing Cassandra could think of.

She remembered that in her previous life, Martin had been seriously in

jured. At that time, she felt so lucky and planned to escape secretly.

At that time, Susan, her sister, whom she had great trust in, led her to walk away from the Yan garden with one hand, and secretly reported to Martin about her whereabouts. This time, Martin's trust in her totally disappeared. However, in the previous life, she completely didn't realize that it was just Susan's plot.

With his mouth taunted, Martin put on a long and pale face, After a while, he chuckled and replied, "okay."

Looking at the light but soul stirring smile on the man's face, Cassandra was dumbfounded. He wasn't as ruthless and cold as she was in her previous life, nor was he gloomy and bleak

It turned out that he could also smile warmly.

All of a sudden, Cassandra's heart stopped beating and then snarled.

At that moment, she suddenly felt that she was so blind in her previous life that she abandoned such a handsome man and instead fell in love with a scumbag like Roger. The mere thought of this broke her heart.

"Wait a minute. I'm going to change my clothes Well, keep a low profile. This dress is too eye-catching. " Cassandra immediately jumped off the sofa and ran upstairs to change her clothes.

Martin didn't withdraw his sight until the girl disappeared from his sight. With his long and slender fingers gently tapping the arm of the sofa, his face was expressionless. It was hard to guess what on earth he was thinking about.

A few minutes later.

Dressed in a black casual suit, Cassandra walked up to Martin and said," Martin, how do you think of me?"

It seemed that Martin didn't care about anything, but in fact, he was very possessive. In her previous life, she even couldn't get in and out of the Yan's garden freely. However, in the Yan's garden, if she took one more look at anyone, she would make him unhappy.

Martin seemed to be satisfied with her outfit and nodded," OK."

On hearing this, Cassandra instantly reached out and took Martin's arm, With an innocent look, she asked, "by the way, where are you going at this late hour?"

With a gleam shining in his eyes, Martin said in a cold voice, "to visit my parents."

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