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   Chapter 7 I was blind in the past

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The man's eyes darkened in an instant, and something flashed in his eyes. After a while, he said slowly, "remember, you are always mine."

This couldn't be answered, so this man's mind was so strange. Or, Cassandra just came back from rebirth and hadn't got along well with Martin?

However, she still remembered that in her previous life, Martin was a cold-blooded killer and had closely fought with a few Lu family members secretly for a long time. In fact, his body had been exhausted. Moreover, she had always been against Martin in the last year of her previous life. So, in the last year of her previous life, Martin's body almost died

After she thought carefully about what happened in the past five years, she found that even though Martin had never been benevolent to his enemies, even his own brothers, he would not show mercy to them. In the next three years, Martin would eliminate his enemies and consolidate his position in the Lu clan. Thus, he became the youngest and the strongest master of the Lu clan since its history.

But in the past five years, he seemed to have never done anything to hurt her, even if she was caught by this man to elope with that bad man, Roger.

What happened in the past was unbearable to look back. She didn't want to be led by that shameless couple like she was in her previous life anymore.

As for those things that had hurt her She would make them pay!

"Martin..." Then Cassandra turned to look at Martin with confusion in her eyes.

In her previous life and this life, she had a doubt that why Martin chose her as his girlfriend

Cassandra remembered that at this time, Martin was not in control of the Lu family. If the reason why he married her was to complete the engagement between the two clans, he could ignore her and treat her as a vase.

Moreover, with the strength of Martin, it was impossible for him to not find out that she had married him in the place of Susan

No one could ever guess what the man was thinking. He seemed to be alone all the time. Even Carlos always stayed with him alone.

''Yes? Said Martin, looking up at him with his darkened eyes

Taking a deep breath, Cassandra gathered her courage and walked up to him, She held up Martin's big but cold palm, gently stroked it, and then said word by word, "thank you."

She thanked him for tolerating her protection again and again in her previous life and for not killing her at last. But at that time, she was deceived by the bastard and only wanted to fight against Martin. It was not until she reached the last moment of her life that she finally realized that in this world, only the person who had been good to her from beginning to end, was the m

an who was regarded as a devil in the eyes of others.

In her previous life, if it weren't for Susan's repeated instigation, or if it weren't for Roger had deceived her for several times, or if it wasn't for the acting of the Yan family and the GU family, she and Martin wouldn't have ended like this.

No matter what, she had died once in her previous life as if she had paid off her debts.

But this life, she had to start again, and live well!

Although she came back a little late and couldn't change the fact that she had married Martin, at least she wouldn't commit suicide like she did in her previous life and often went against him. She knew very well that Martin was her life rescuer. In order to live a better life and improve herself to a stronger opponent and change everything in the previous life, she had to please Martin now.

Martin stretched out his cold and piercing finger and pinched her chin. He said in a hoarse voice, "Cassandra Since you're my wife now, you should know what an insurmountable barrier it is. I can spare what happened in the past, but it doesn't mean that you can do whatever you want to do. Do you understand? "

After a short pause, Cassandra understood what Martin meant. It was a warning. He told her to stop being obdurate and to chase after Roger.

With a satisfied smile on her face, Cassandra fixed her gaze at Martin, seeming to have a strong desire to beat him. "I know that. I have realized that I was stupid in the past, But now that I have married you, I want to live a good life with you," she said

Martin's dark eyes stared at Cassandra unblinkingly, After a long while, he released his cold fingers and said, "well, I still have something to deal with. You go upstairs to have a rest, If you need anything, just tell Carlos."

Cassandra remembered that on the night when Martin married her in the previous life, Martin killed his brother, which led to a catastrophe in his family. On the surface, the Lu family called him back to confront him, but arranged death soldiers to kill him on the way. Although Martin was alive, he was also suffering from a lot of damage and his condition got a lot worse.

"I'm afraid of being alone..."

Martin's eyes sparkled with menace with a severe frown, though he would be badly hurt by her words?

"I'll have someone keep you company, honey." Martin rubbed between his eyebrows and spoke helplessly.

All of a sudden, Cassandra's face crumpled. She snorted and turned her face aside, as if she was wronged, "do you think you don't like me so you said that you had something to do on purpose? Martin, you are a heartbreaker. You've gone too far, I'm going to run away from home now!"

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