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   Chapter 6 I can't afford you

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With the memories of her previous life, Cassandra knew that the Yan's garden had prepared her a massive amount of clothes, and all of them were luxury brands, including pajamas. She could be said to be a nouveau riche.

Martin was sitting on the couch in the living room. He gazed at Cassandra while he was speaking.

Her beauty and well-proportioned figure, coupled with today's elaborate makeup, Cassandra looked more gorgeous and attractive, enough to make any man moved.

Martin waved to Cassandra and said," come here."

As soon as Cassandra heard that, the alarm went off in her head. She didn't know why Martin called her over, but her intuition told her that something bad would happen. She couldn't resist at all, so she had to walk over.

When Cassandra walked up to Martin, the man gave her a cold glance and said, "sit down."

Carefully sitting down beside Martin, Cassandra had no idea what on earth he wanted to do. She could only wait and see. At this moment, Carlos was not nearby, only she and Martin were left in the empty hall.

"From now on, you are my woman. As long as you don't touch my bottom line, I won't do anything to you. Do you understand?"

Cassandra nodded immediately, "well I have something to discuss with you... "

"What is it?" he asked, narrowing his eyes

In order to become strong, she had to make some changes. She couldn't live like her previous life, degraded herself step by step and finally become a man's woman.

Cassandra took a deep breath and said tentatively, "well, although we are married, I can't stay idle for the rest of my life. I still want to work. I majored in acting at the University So she wanted to go to an entertainment company to have a try What do you think? "

The air froze. The temperature of the whole hall dropped a few degrees.

In her previous life, she could hardly know what kind of person Martin was. She only knew that he had a violent temper, but at that time, she didn't know how to restrain it at all. However, she was clear that when Martin really got angry.

"Do you think..." "You think I can't support you?" he asked in a hoarse voice

Cassandra, "..."

She couldn't go on talking!

Martin was the richest man in H country. If he couldn't afford to support his wife, he couldn't let others get one.

But, di

dn't he take it in a wrong direction?!

"I didn't mean that, but you will go to work too, right? Then I have to do something when you go to work. I can't wait for you to come back every day. That's what a loser I am."

Martin raised his head and replied," that would be nice."

His woman did not need to show up in public, nor did she need to earn money. He had enough financial ability to support her. Even if she wanted the moon in the sky, he would find a way to get it for her.

Then Cassandra sighed again and thought that Martin really had a different mind from normal people. He was so peculiar.

"But, you will get tired of me one day. I stay at home every day, doing nothing. I You don't want to see a fool who knows nothing, do you? "

Martin looked at Cassandra, seeming to think about her words. Cassandra nervously stared at Martin. In her previous life, she had never thought about going out to work. She thought about everyday how to irritate Martin, or how to plan to escape from the Yan's garden. She really didn't think about work.

After a while, Martin asked," do you really want to work in an entertainment company?"

Cassandra nodded and said word by word," Martin, I will become stronger someday, strong enough to be on your side!"

Astonishment and admiration appeared on Martin's face. He gazed intensely at Cassandra, which made her heart beat faster. To be honest, she was not sure whether or not Martin would agree to go to the entertainment company or not. Anyway, she had to make a choice.

She didn't want to risk her life fighting alone?

"I can arrange it for you, but on one condition," said Martin

"What condition? !"

She was willing to do anything as long as Martin agreed to let her work in the entertainment company!

Martin remained calm and looked at her with mixed feelings in his eyes, After a long while, he replied, "sleep with me."

Cassandra was so furious that she almost spat out the blood! !

Anyway, Cassandra had already had a wedding with Martin. They were legally married. Moreover In her previous life, she had been slept with Martin quite often

Then Cassandra raised her head and called, "Martin..."

'What? 'Said Martin

"Be reserved..." "We've just gotten married, You'd better be more reserved." Cassandra gave a little cough

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