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   Chapter 5 It's My Pleasure

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"Miss Cassandra Yan, will you have this man, Mr. Martin Lu, to be your wedded husband, to live together in marriage? Will you love him, comfort him, honor him, and keep him, in sickness and in health, in sorrow and in joy, so long as you both shall live?" The priest's voice rang again.

Susan's eyes were glued to Cassandra's figure on the stage. She thought long and hard about how to get Cassandra to marry Martin, but when she laid eyes on him, she changed her mind.

'What a lucky bitch!

Can't she turn him down and go back to Roger?

Doesn't she love Roger?'

Susan screamed in her head. She was unable to maintain the smile on her face. Roger was a competent man and was destined to take over the Gu Group. However, when she laid eyes on Martin, Roger paled in comparison.

"Yes, I do," Cassandra said, enunciating each word.

The priest smiled at them and said, "I request the couple to exchange rings with one another. I wish you a long and happy life together, and I'm hoping you have children soon."

Carlos presented their rings. Martin picked one of them up and slid it on Cassandra's ring finger.

After that, Cassandra mimicked his motions and placed the other ring on his finger.

They were a couple from now on.

After the ceremony finished, Cassandra was brought back to Yan Garden. While the car drove into the property, she scrutinized the familiar surroundings, and it suddenly dawned on her that she had a new life now.

In her previous life, she hated Martin and the Yan Garden. On their wedding night, she provoked Martin, and he ended up locking her into a dark room for three days.

At that time, all she could think about was Roger.

Now she realized what a fool she used to be.

She was lucky he hadn't punished her severely.

The car slowed to a stop when they approached the main villa. Carlos got out of the car and opened the back door. Cassandra stepped out hesitantly and took in her surroundings in a daze.

Martin and Carlos didn't think much of it. In their eyes, it was Cassandra's first time coming to the Yan Garden, so her reaction to the place wasn't unheard of.

"This is the main villa, and you'll be living here from now on. By the way, let me introduce myself. I'm Carlos Mo, Martin's personal assistant. If you need anything, you can tell me,

" Carlos said.

Cassandra recalled that in her previous life, Carlos had helped her a lot, but she was too obsessed with Roger that she paid no attention the other people.

She smiled softly at him and said, "Thank you, Carlos."

Carlos was caught off guard by her sweet smile. 'She's so pretty when she smiles.

Wait! Why am I feeling so cold?'

Carlos slowly turned around and took a glance at Martin. Martin's face was as dark as ink, and he looked daggers at Carlos.

"You're welcome, Cassandra," Carlos said with a wry smile.

'Please don't smile at me anymore. Otherwise, Martin will skin me alive!'

Cassandra turned to look at Martin. In her previous life, she was terrified of this man. She never really knew about him. She only knew that he was a bloodthirsty and violent man. His brothers were defeated by him. And finally, he became the youngest head of Lu Clan in its history.

It was undeniable that this man, both in appearance and ability, was impeccable. For Cassandra, even if she had no romantic feelings for him, she still wanted to maintain an amicable relationship with him.

However, it was a pity that in her previous life, she was blind-sighted by her feelings for Roger.

"Honey, I'm a bit tired. Can I go and change my clothes?" Cassandra stared at Martin with a hopeful expression.

'I can't believe I actually called him honey,'

she thought to herself. She had goose bumps all over her body.

The expression on Martin's face softened, and he answered, "Alright."

She then lifted her hemline and entered the villa. Martin watched her receding figure until she disappeared.

With a panicked look, Carlos said, "Martin, I really don't know why she smiled at me. Maybe she is in a good mood because of the wedding."

Martin ignored him. Carlos couldn't tell what was going on inside his head. Sweat misted on his forehead, and he held his breath, not wanting to provoke him.

After a long pause, Martin opened his mouth and commanded, "Withdraw the people keeping watch on Yan Clan."

Carlos was shocked by his orders. "Are you sure? Then what about the people following Roger Gu?"

Roger was his master's rival in love.

Martin narrowed his eyes at the mention of his name, and he flexed his jaw.

"Let them continue," Martin said after another pause.

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