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   Chapter 5 it's my pleasure

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 5175

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"Miss Yan, would you like to marry Mr. Lu as his wife? Whether in prosperity, adversity, poverty or wealth, health or illness, you only love him with all your heart and will never leave him for the rest of your life?'' The voice of the overlord rang again.

Susan's eyes were fixed on the Cassandra on the stage. She had been brooding how to ask Cassandra to marry off Martin, but the moment she saw Martin, she changed her mind!

Why was that bitch so lucky!

Why not turn him down

Don't you like Roger the most!

Shouted Susan in her heart, but she couldn't keep her smile on her face. She had to admit that among all the sons of GU family, Roger was the most excellent one who had begun to take over the company at a very young age. However, all these were worthless in comparison with that of Martin!

"I will." Cassandra said word by word.

The patriarch nodded with a smile and said, "well, now that you don't mind it, I would like to suggest that you exchange rings with each other. I wish you a long and happy life together and have your kids as soon as possible."

Carlos immediately put the prepared ring in the middle of the ring. Martin picked up the ring with one hand, and put the ring on the ring finger of Cassandra's left hand with the other hand.

Then, Cassandra did as what Martin did. She put the ring on one of Martin's left ring fingers. From now on, the fate of the two was determined.

hold your hand and grow old together with you.

After the ceremony, Cassandra was sent back to the Yan's garden. When the black May Bach drove into the garden, she looked at everything that she was familiar with and had a feeling that it had been separated from her life.

In her previous life, she felt very resistant to the life in Randy garden. On the night of her wedding, she angered Martin, so he directly threw her into a dark room and locked her up for three days.

At that time, all she thought about was only Roger.


She was so lucky that she was not killed by the idiot then.

The car stopped in front of the main house after it entered the Yan garden. Carlos got off the car and opened the door of the back seat. Cassandra got off the car and stood in front of the main house building, absent-minded.

Fortunately, Martin and Carlos didn't doubt it either. After all, in their world, it was the first time for Cassandra to come to the Lu family's house, so it was not strange for her to show such an expression.

"Sister in law, this is the main house. You can live here from now on. By the way, my name is C

arlos, and I'm master's personal assistant, If you have anything, you can call me." Said Carlos.

Cassandra remembered that in her previous life, Carlos had helped her a lot secretly, but she was too stubborn to get any background at that time.

Smiling, Cassandra said, "thank you, Brother Carlos''

Hearing that, Carlos was stunned for a while. He didn't understand why Cassandra called him Brother Carlos?!

Shit! He shuddered all of a sudden

Carlos turned around and gave a glance at Martin. He was not surprised at all. The master's face changed dramatically.

"Ha-ha, It's very kind of you to call me by my name," replied Carlos with a wry smile

I really don't deserve to be called brother! I'm afraid of death!

Then Cassandra turned to look at Martin. In her previous life, she was only afraid of this man. She never really knew about him. She only knew that he was a bloodthirsty and violent man. In the end, a few brothers of the Lu clan were defeated by him. And finally, he was at the top position of the Lu clan, becoming the youngest master of the clan throughout its history.

It was undeniable that this man, whether in appearance or ability, was impeccable. For the Cassandra, even if she didn't like Martin, she wouldn't have such a bad relationship with him.

But it was a pity that in her previous life, she was totally blinded by jealousy. Since she was devoted to Roger, she ended up with a tragic ending.

"Honey I'm a little tired. Can I change my clothes first? " Instantly, Cassandra looked at Martin with a pitiful face.


And this title It was true. She even had goose bumps all over her body.

The expression on his face softened a little, and Martin answered, "yes.''

Then Cassandra lifted her hemline and walked into the main house. Martin stood there and didn't look at Carlos until the girl disappeared in his sight.

With a devastated look on his face, Carlos said, "my master, I really don't know why sister-in-law call me in that way.'' Maybe you think I look like Um, the big brother next door? "

Martin didn't reply. Instead, Carlos was confused by what the master wanted to do. Sweat dripped from his forehead and he dared not take a deep breath.

After a while, Martin opened his mouth, "withdraw all the people from the Yan family."

Carlos was stunned. "You mean they won't need to go there anymore? Then What about the Roger? !"

He was his master's number one rival in love

Martin's eyes narrowed, with a hint of anger flashing in them?

"Go on." After a while, Martin said.

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