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   Chapter 4 you look great even if you don't wear them!

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 5229

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In the Yan garden, capital.

The Yan garden was the private residence of the Lu clan, and it was also the place where the Seven young masters of the Lu clan, Martin, lived. It covered a vast area and there were three independent villas, with all kinds of leisure and entertainment facilities. It was one of the most famous private houses in the capital.

At this time, in the study of the main house of the Yan's garden.

There was quite silence in the study.

A man in a black suit was sitting on the sofa. He looked very handsome. His face was carefully chiseled and had deep and dark eyes. And his black hair was meticulously combed. Even if he was just sitting there, he gave off a creepy vibe.

If Cassandra was here, she could recognize that this man was Martin!

He took a quick glance at the document in front of him, and then saw a man standing beside him, with cold sweat on his forehead.

This man's name was Carlos, one of Martin's confidants.

"master Mr. Song seems to beat them without mercy this time. The whole western regions should also be involved in this matter What should we do? " After a while, Carlos gathered his courage and asked carefully.

Martin squinted his eyes and looked at the document. After a long time, he said in a low and husky voice, "today is my wedding day, I won't kill anyone."

"Uh..." What did the master mean?Carlos was so worried!

"Doesn't he like running around?" Martin sneered and said in a cold voice, "cut his leg and teach him a lesson."

"Yes, master!"

The man turned his head and looked at the time. Then he slowly stood up and said, "get the car ready."

Hearing that, Carlos was stunned, In a daze, he asked, "master, are we going to church now?"


Afraid to say anything more, Carlos immediately arranged a car and drove himself to the church.

Although it was the wedding of his master today, they didn't arrange any grand wedding ceremony. They just held it casually in the famous church of the capital.

What's more, no one from the family informed of their presence. There were no other guests except the Yan family.

Carlos couldn't figure out what his master was thinking, but he didn't dare to ask. After all, this marriage was just a promise from the Lu family. He was already very surprised that his master would hold her wedding in a church.

"Carlos..." Sitting on the back seat, the man suddenly said.


Lowering his eyes, Martin asked, "am I looking good today?"


Excuse me 'master, are you flirting with me?He thought Was it true?

But then again,

his master's face was so charming. A man like him would be very handsome even if he didn't wear clothes!

Wait Is there anything wrong?

Why did he want his mistress to be naked?!

"Master, you look gorgeous in any dress. We have spent a lot of time choosing your robe for today. Don't worry, You will be the most handsome lady in the world!" Said Carlos fawningly.

A subordinate who didn't flatter others was not a good one.

The man in the back seat didn't say anything. Carlos couldn't understand what the young master meant, nor did he dare to ask. He drove carefully.

In the heavenly Hall of the capital.

The main hall didn't welcome any other guests today. A red carpet was laid on the road from the gate of the main hall to the main church. Apart from that, there was nothing unusual.

In the main church, Martin, who was in a black suit, stood on the stage. Next to him, Carlos looked nervously at the entrance of the main hall.

At this time, at the entrance of the main church, several people came in slowly, led by a girl, Cassandra, dressed in a white wedding dress. She was holding the arms of Evan and walking in slowly.

Martin's eyes suddenly fell on Cassandra who was walking towards him. Even though Cassandra was wearing a layer of the wedding dress, she couldn't help but freeze.

Although she had been mentally prepared before she came, at this moment, countless memories of the bloodthirsty and fierce nature flashed through her mind like the silent movies.

As for Martin He was a complete devil!

But now, she had no other choice!

It was a few short steps and it seemed that they had walked for a long time. Cassandra tried to keep calm. Anyway, she couldn't let Martin and Evan notice anything unusual.

Finally, she walked to the stage, arm in arm with Evan. The two, Cassandra and Martin, stood side by side.

"Mr. Lu, would you like to marry Miss Yan?Whether in prosperity, adversity, poverty or wealth, health or illness, you only love her and will never leave her for the rest of your life?"

There was dead silence in the main church. Everyone fixed their eyes on Martin.

Susan was totally stunned as she heard what churchman said. She stared at Martin and thought, 'how could it be possible! It was said that Martin looked ugly? How come He was so handsome! !

He looked so pure and noble, just like a streak of sunshine on a cold moon. He wasn't like an abandoned man?!

What went wrong?!

She should be the one who got married to Martin!

How could this be!

On the stage, Martin said in a low voice, "I do."

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