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   Chapter 3 It's All My Fault

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Cassandra gave up all her strength to sit on the couch. "Everything is real. I am reborn!"

Since God had given her one more chance, she would never repeat it.

Just like what she had gone through before, she knew well about the weakness of the Yan Clan and the Gu Clan. They had tried every means to keep their power and position. This time, she would destroy everything they wanted with her own hands.

But where was the man she would marry?

In her previous life, Martin had a special obsession with her while she was in love with Roger. She had often made trouble for Martin. What was more, misled by Susan, she fell into a trap and tried to ran away with Roger.

She also knew that even if she was reborn, she still didn't have the strength to compete with Martin. What should she do to change her fate?

While she was lost in thought, she came up with a plan. She had experienced a lot during that five years. Martin had never kept a secret from her. Therefore, she knew a lot about the Lu family when it came to business. She knew many secrets the outside world could never know. These were her chips for her plans.

She must become strong enough to compete with that evil man to get her freedom.

Cassandra stayed out that night. She had a general idea of what had happened in the past, especially for some important parts. She spent a whole night recording what she had experienced in her last life in a notebook. To her surprise, she had known Martin so well.

Time seemed to fly so fast, and the sun was replaced by the moon.

The notebook was the only thing valuable to Cassandra now, so she couldn't lose it. Right after she put the notebook in the drawer, Lynn and Susan came in the room, followed by several servants.

Everything was the same just like before.

She sat on the sofa, showing no sign of sorrow on her face. When Susan noticed her pale and weak condition, a cold smile made its way on her lips. This woman was sensible and she knew the situation well. However, the more obedient Cassandra was, the less disgust the two men, Evan and Roger, felt for her. It was the last thing Susan wanted to see. But since Cassandra would get married soon, Susan wouldn't mind so much.

'Humph! Such a bitch!' Susan scoffed.

"Cassandra, your sister and I are here to visit you. The servants will help you with the makeup and dressing. If you need something, don't hesitate to tell me." Tears in her eyes, Lynn was sad to see Cassandra in such a state.

Pretending to be sad, Susan walked up t

o Cassandra and held her hand. "Sister, I feel sorry for you. Don't worry. I will take good care of our parents. If you have any problem in the Lu family, please let us know. We don't want to see you suffer wrong."

Cassandra looked at Susan and thought to herself, 'Before, this hypocritical woman took away Roger and tried to frame me. I was so stupid to believe that she was the only life-saving straw for me.'

If Susan hadn't stood by the side of Martin and accused her for the crime she didn't commit, she wouldn't had suffered.

They were siblings. But why did Susan set her up again and again?

Trying to suppress the surging emotions in her heart, Cassandra wore a sad look on her face and looked up. "Can I talk to you alone for a while?"

Lynn and Susan were shocked, especially Susan. They didn't know what crazy things she would do. But on this wedding day, going against her wish may not be the best choice.

"Mother, you go out first." Susan smiled.

After hesitating for a while, Lynn left with servants. There were only Cassandra and Susan in the room. The surrounding air was cold.

"Sis, what else do you want to say to me? I will do everything for you," Susan said with a smirk on her face.

With a pitiful look on her face, Cassandra turned to look at her sister, and her tears fell at once. "Sister, I know that you are the one that Roger loves all these years. It's all my fault. I shouldn't pester him with this. I'm getting married, so I only hope that you can take good care of him. I wish you happiness."

The past between Cassandra and Roger had always been a thorn in Susan's heart. The more love Cassandra showed to Roger, the deeper the thorn was in Susan's heart.

Before, she had been as stupid as a donkey. She only cared about Roger, and Susan took advantage of this to sow discord between them. At last, Roger's disgust for Cassandra almost came to a climax.

In this life, she wouldn't be so stupid again.

Face turning pale, Susan stared at Cassandra with jealousy. Her slender fingernails were dug into her skin. Susan calmed down soon and reached out to wipe away the tears on Cassandra's face. "Don't say that."

"Aren't you going to blame me?" Cassandra pretended to be grateful.

"How could I blame you? You are my sister. No matter what you do, we're still blood-related," Susan said.

Upon hearing this, Cassandra gave her a big hug. "You are so kind."

'This stupid woman! She deserves it.' Susan thought to herself, a cold light flashing in her eyes.

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