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   Chapter 1 aren't you dead

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 5385

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"Cassandra I've never liked you Let's break up... "

"Cassandra, you are my fate I will have you as my wife for the rest of my life. "

"Bastard! She is your sister! How dare you! get out of here! I don't have a daughter like you! "

"She is just a rubbish, dead Dead... "

'my head hurts...'

Her memory was so painful as if it had torn into millions of pieces. Her head suddenly emerged in her mind and her headache seemed to explode. She groaned and curled up into a ball.

In the empty room, there was only Cassandra. One of her hands was handcuffed on the pillar at the head of the bed. Her wrist struggled violently, leaving a clear red mark. And there was even blood overflowing from the red mark.

The cold sweat penetrated through her forehead and the air around her seemed to freeze.

After a long time, Cassandra slowly opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was a piece of glaring red, and then she saw two character posted on the wall, and a big poster that was hung on the wall.

Cassandra's pupils shrank sharply and her body stiffened as if she was frozen at certain acupuncture point. She was overwhelmed by the familiar scene.

How could this be Wasn't it the night before her wedding?!

Because she didn't want to be the substitute, nor did she want to marry the demon man. She had made up her mind not to yield to the man she loved, so the moo clan locked her inside the house

But she Wasn't she dead?

She tried her best to run away from the man who was like a devil. When she thought that she was going to succeed and she was going to meet the man she loved deeply, she realized that It was a plot!

It was out of Cassandra's expectation that her sister, whom she trusted most, should stand by the side of that devil. The man she loved so much even pushed her into the abyss step by step!

Closest parents She was just a pawn in their hands!

When she knew that, she had no expectation for life. When the man came to take her home, she could predict how she would spend the rest of her life as a prisoner. There was no hope in her life.

Somehow, she fell into the sea. After a long time of pain, when she opened her eyes, she found that it had returned to the night five years ago when she had been married to Martin, taking the place of her sister Susan!

Everything in front of her looked so real. She was sure that it was not a dream

She Was she really reborn?!

But why? Why did she come back to the place five years ago, to the start of all those nightmares

She had been abandoned by her parents, her beloved was taken away by her sister, and betrayed by her beloved man. Since then, she had been forced to marry that

devilish Martin alone. She had become a secret lover ever since

'do I have to go through everything again?

Why treat her so cruelly

It was winter now, and the wind was blowing with snowflakes.

Cassandra covered her chest tightly and clearly saw the joints between her white and slender fingers, which seemed to break into pieces in the next second.

She lay prone on the white bed sheet and breathed heavily. She was sweating all over. After a long time, a sudden "click" came from the door.

Cassandra's back was stiff. She raised her eyes and stared at the black gate. She would never forget that the person who came in after the gate was pushed open It was Roger!

He was the son of the CEO of the GR group, the only man she loved in her previous life, for whom she was willing to do anything!

Wearing a well-tailored black suit, Roger walked in slowly.

Cassandra was tense and her fingers were tightly clenched. She looked so vigilant as if her eyes were glued to the man. In the empty and quiet room, the deep and deep voice of the man sounded slowly——

"I'm sorry, Cassandra The woman I love is Susan. I'm so sorry I beg you? Remarry to Martin for Susan Would you please do me this favor? "

In her previous life, she finally gave up struggling after hearing men's words, and married Martin as they wished.

At that time, she felt that if she liked a person, she should do anything for him, even if the injuries were endless. But as long as that person was happy, she did not feel regret.

So she chose to give up her dream, for she thought it was love.

Until one day, when she saw the dirty and ugly side of Roger, she realized that he had always been using of her. The so-called true heart was just for fun.

She was wrong this time, and the result was a lifetime mistake.

When she had been imprisoned in the dark, she had been just like a dead alive person, but she still kept the faith. She had provoked Martin again and again. For her so-called love, she was willing to be tortured by him.


Now, it seemed that everything was just a joke!

Since God had given her a chance to rebirth, she would never go the same way again. All that she had lost, all that she had cared about, and now It can be destroyed easily!

Wasn't he the reason why he could rely on in his previous life that she liked him?

What if she doesn't like it anymore? What else did he have to make her compromise easily!

Why could they enjoy a free and happy life while doing all kinds of bad things? Why could they be free while doing all kinds of nasty things

'this is the truth...' If you don't give them to me, I will give them to you by myself!

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