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   Chapter 13 Meeting the MAIN man

A Sin, A Bullet and Redemption By The Fake Blogger Characters: 5761

Updated: 2020-03-16 15:42

Samit got up from his sleep. It was still dark outside. He looked out of his window. The cool light of the moon filled the entire sky. He could hear the hooting of owls and the cool winds filled the whole atmosphere. The clouds were slowly flowing away as if they were going back to their homes. The moon shone brightly. The dawn was yet to break, and the stillness of the night filled the entire area. Samit moved around his room, waiting for the dawn to break. He wanted to discuss the fourth noble truth with Guruji. But the wait was getting longer.

He came outside of his room and started to roam around in the lawn. The owls were disturbed by the alien presence during that time of the night. Samit moved around without making any noise and sat at a bench at one corner. His mind again flashed back.

Samit waited for many days, but there was no response from Sharma. Maybe he went and informed Abdul. Maybe the men of Abdul killed him. But he was too strong to be killed by some henchmen. Thinking about all of it, Samit sat in front of his house. Akshay looked at him while crossing his home and smiled. Samit did not respond back. Akshay wanted to stop and talk to him, but he knew his family had to bear the consequences of it, so he moved away.

Just then, Samit saw Sharma standing at the corner of the road looking at him. He indicated him to follow him. Samit got up and followed him. They reached near the outskirts where Sharma took a detour and moved in the fields. Samit followed him. Sharma went straight in the fields and took a left when a kuccha road came. He moved ahead and stood near a small hut. As Samit reached near the hut, they both went inside.

As they entered the hut, Samit was shocked

now have a chance to destroy Abdul and not get our hands dirty. He will do all the dirty work for us, and as we had discussed, he can be a worthy heir to your kingdom. But that's a farfetched dream, but I think he is the one for you.' said Sharma.

'Are you sure about it? I do not think he is that capable. Maybe he can be of some help but destroying the entire kingdom and taking over as my successor. We will see about it. But for now, let's work towards destroying Abdul's kingdom.' said Dilip.

Unknowingly, they did not realise, but Samit had turned back towards the hut to ask something and heard the discussion. He knew if he needs them, they also need him. He has to play his cards carefully so that all can get what they want and neither him nor Dilip is harmed in it.

A cold wind hit his face as he came back to the present time. He saw the breaking of dawn. The red rays of the sun had started to fill the skies. The hooting of the owls was replaced by the chirping of the birds. The cool light of the moon was replaced by the warm light of the sun. Samit got up and moved towards his hut to get ready for his class with Guruji.

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