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   Chapter 12 The Third Noble Truth

A Sin, A Bullet and Redemption By The Fake Blogger Characters: 7732

Updated: 2020-03-16 15:29

The sun was already overhead. Samit and Guruji decided to move towards the monastery. The golden top of the monk shone brightly as the sun rays fell directly on it. They moved into the monastery. The echo of the singing bowls filled the inside of the monastery. The sweet smell of the incense filled the entire atmosphere.

'Guruji, what about the third truth?' Samit asked before settling down before the idol of Gautam Buddha.

Guruji smiled and said, 'I know you are too eager to know about the noble truths of life but have you started practising the previous two truths.'

'Guruji, I am in the process of imbibing myself with the process. I want to know in detail about the other truths.' requested Samit.

'The end to your suffering can only be achieved when you end your powerful desire.' Guruji kept quiet and looked at Samit after telling the third truth.

'How is it even possible, Guruji?' asked Samit.

'If you would have sacrificed your burning desire of taking revenge and would have moved away to a different life, you would have come out of that suffering. Yes, I do agree that there are sufferings and desire all over, but for every desire, there is a way out of it.' said Guruji.

'But Guruji, how could I have forgotten the pain which my family went through?' asked Samit.

'This is why you need to realise each and every truth and start following it.' said Guruji.

With this food for thought, Samit went near the lake, sat there and his thoughts again wandered back into the village days.

Samit stood behind a tree and was studying the truck which had stopped near a highway hotel for dinner. The truck was left unguarded. The driver and his assistant of these trucks always did like this to avoid suspicion of carrying anything special.

He looked at the driver and his assistant, who were busy enjoying their dinner. The chicken leg pieces were steaming hot, and they were enjoying with hot Rotis (Indian bread). Samit slowly moved towards the back of the truck and climbed inside without anyone's knowledge. He was afraid of being caught, but he had no other option. He had to find the truth which took his father's life.

The inside of the truck was dark. There were many boxes inside it. He lit a small flashlight and looked around. All the wooden crates were sealed an

all these kinds of stuffs. I do not want you to be in it. Give it to me. Forget everything and go your way. If you want, I can help your family get out of this village and set you up in the city.' said Sharma.

'What about my father's death?' said Samit.

'You can't do anything about it. You alone can't fight against his kingdom. I will help you, but you get your revenge when the time is right.' said Sharma.

'I will give you the packet on one condition. First, tell me what is inside the packet and thank you, but I don't want to leave this village until I get my revenge against him.' said Samit.

'This is drugs. It is known as cocaine. I have known about it for many years. Abdul's father started with weeds, but he expanded it to drugs. He is into many other illegal businesses. Everyone knows about it, but no one can do anything. When the time is right, I will take you to meet a person who would help you in getting your revenge. But until, then please don't do anything.' said Sharma.

Samit did not say anything and handed over the packet of the drug to Sharma and walked away. Sharma looked at him. He had a smile on his face.

The cold winds hit Samit's face as he came back from the flash. If only he would have listened to Sharma on that day and would have agreed to leave that life and start a new one, his life would have been so different, but still, he realised that he was destined to take this path.

With it, he rose and started to take a walk around the lawn while Guruji looked at him from a distance.

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