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   Chapter 10 The Journey to Redemption

A Sin, A Bullet and Redemption By The Fake Blogger Characters: 5358

Updated: 2020-01-20 11:22

The life at the monastery helped Samit to recover from the physical wounds. But the wounds inflicted on his soul is far from being healed. He sat near the pool of water, feeding the ducks. Life would have been so different if my father had been an ordinary person like others. But his life changed after the death of his father. But the final nail in the coffin was when the big fire broke out. Suddenly, Guruji arrived and patted his head in affection with a smiling face.

'Namaste Guruji.' said Samit with folded hands.

He smiled and said, 'How are you feeling today?'

'I have been doing good. But I want to ask you something. Even though I had decided to let go off my past and start a new life, why is it still haunting me? Why do I get some thoughts about it?' questioned Samit in a single breath.

'It's not that easy. Sometimes it takes a whole lifetime to let go of the past, and sometimes it just goes away in some time. Either way, it depends upon how the heart acts upon it.' replied Guruji.

'Do you remember what we had discussed last time?' questioned Guruji.

Samit's memories flew past to those times. Those were the days he wished would never have gone by.

It was a beautiful sunny morning. The chirping of the birds filled the atmosphere. Small drops of dew reflected the rays of the sun, making them look like small pieces of pearls lying on the leaves and flowers. The squirrel climbed on the tree where Guruji and Samit were sitting. He looked all around. Guruji did not speak a single word. The sound of the singing bowls vibrated in the air around Samit. The waves r

ere.' ordered Guruji with a smile on his face.

Samit folded his hands, bowed his head in respect and nodded in agreement. He had decided to leave everything behind. He wanted a new life. But fate always played a cruel trick on him.

'Before I start with the second truth, I would like you to think over it. Once you have let go your pasts, we can take this forward.' saying it, Guruji got up, gave his blessings to Samit and went away towards the playing children. He started interacting with them and started playing with them.

Samit sat over there and looked at the sun, which was now shining brightly. A new day has begun for him. A smile came across his face.

Thinking of the past, a tear rolled over the face of Samit. He had failed from the first step to Moksha. As he looked towards Guruji, he smiled at him and said, 'You need time, Samit. You again need to think about everything which we had discussed. You need to relive everything.' With it, Guruji got up, blessed him and went away.

Samit had a past to leave. But would the past leave him???

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