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   Chapter 9 A Friend in need is a frirend in trouble

A Sin, A Bullet and Redemption By The Fake Blogger Characters: 2722

Updated: 2020-01-20 11:11

Life was never the same for Akshay after that. News of him going to help reached the bungalow. Some men from Abdul's gang stood outside Akshay's house and waited for his father to come out. They took him to a side and spoke to him. Akshay could not hear them but only could identify the angry gestures from the goons. He understood what was going on.

'Akshay listen here.' his father called him. He came out slowly with his head bowed in front of his father. Thaaaaddd. A tight slap echoed in the open courtyard. 'Why did you go to help Samit when there was strict instruction not to help him or his family?' Akshay stood like a statue, not responding to his father. Tears started to roll down his eyes and were flowing down on his cheeks, but he did not say anything. 'From today onwards you will go with me to th

in now. No one is willing to help them. Yesterday I was hearing that people are planning to throw them out of the village. This is getting out of hand, and we can't do anything. I tried talking to Samit but did not get a chance.' said Akshay with an expression of sadness.

'Can we not just warn them so that they can take necessary precautions?' asked Rimi.

'I am afraid not. People are keeping an eye on their family. If they see us near the house, our families won't be spared. We have to think of some other way.' informed Akshay.

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