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   Chapter 8 The Last ritual

A Sin, A Bullet and Redemption By The Fake Blogger Characters: 3995

Updated: 2020-01-20 11:06

Samit kneeled in front of the cart as drops of blood was dripping from the hand which was hanging from it. Flies were already swarming over the body. People had started to gather around the cart. The sound of whispering echoed in his ears. Crowd kept on increasing. He slowly got up and guided the cart towards his home. A few days ago, it was his teacher Prasoon Acharya, and today it was his father, Ramesh. Both of them always fought for all the illegal and wrong things in the village. Today Samit is looking at the last person who had held the fire of justice but was now lying lifelessly inside the cart.

His mother was already beating her breasts and crying loudly. The women in the neighbourhood sat near her and comforted her. The pain was unbearable for her. She just lost her husband. Samit ran to her mother and hugged her. The entire village stood and watched as they both cried, and the dead body still lay on the cart. There was a letter attached to the body. 'Nobody should touch the body, and no one should help the family. If we find anyone has helped them, they will also meet the same fate.'

Everyone moved back. In a matter of minutes, the place around Samit's house wore

sir was with him, and those low-lying goons also killed him.'

'Don't say that. No evil deed goes unpunished. The evil persons would be punished.' With it, they both sat in the front courtyard and looked at the sky.

'The work has been done, and the warning was taken seriously. No one came to help that wretched soul. Your fear still haunts the village.' roared Gaffar in a proud tone. Abdul sat in his recliner and smoked a hookah. 'That is good to hear, but I don't want people like him rising against me from time to time. We need to instil fear in everyone forever.'

'I think this warning is enough for them. We can continue with our work.' informed Gaffar.

With it, Abdul nodded Gaffar to leave. He bent forward and posted a salaam and went away, leaving Abdul to smoke in peace.

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