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   Chapter 7 The Godfather

A Sin, A Bullet and Redemption By The Fake Blogger Characters: 4912

Updated: 2020-01-20 10:57

The sun rays directly fell in his room. He rose from his bed, removed the blanket, put on his slippers and moved towards the window. Shankar had come and had pulled the curtains to the side for the warm sun rays to float inside the room. He rose from the bed and looked around. It was just another day for him. He put his feet down and wore his sleepers. He picked up the glass of hot milk and went towards the balcony. He looked around while sipping his milk. He could see people working in the garden. In the other corner, he saw two persons washing the cars. Many people were standing near the front yard, waiting for his father. Abdul Aziz was a known person around the place. He had multiple businesses which were spread across the seas. He had employed many people in his numerous businesses. He was an influential person who had a good hand with the law as well as the politicians. But he had a dark side to him. He was the Godfather of the city who ruled the city as well as the neighbouring small towns and villages.

The entire dark world ran under his vision. The drugs flowed like water from within the city to different places around the world. The prostitution ring was channelled and controlled from this city. He had built large factories all over, but it was just a cover-up for all the illegal businesses he owned. He worked as a delivery agent for large consignments of illicit weapons to different parts of the country and also to different parts of th

businesses in your village. But let me tell you one thing I don't just own the town; I do own all the neighbouring places around it. The police station you were going to is under my control. You thought you could go against me and we would leave you.'

Ramesh struggling to set himself free and spoke, 'I don't fear you or your threats. I know you all have been doing all sorts of illegal activities in my village and I would not stop till I remove you all from my village.'

'So be it. Kill him.' ordered Abdul as some heavily built men dragged Ramesh outside of the bungalow.

Meanwhile, Gulfam was sitting on the dining table and looking at this. He had no idea that his father had ordered to kill a person for doing the right thing. He kept on watching as the rest of the proceedings took place.

In the distance, a young boy was running towards a bullock cart which stood near the outskirts of the village. The bloodied body of Ramesh was lying in it with a letter.

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