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   Chapter 6 The Village School

A Sin, A Bullet and Redemption By The Fake Blogger Characters: 5016

Updated: 2020-01-20 10:45

Samit sat in front of the giant Buddha statue with his eyes closed. Many monks sat in different corners of the monastery with their singing bowls. The sweet buzzing sound made by the bowl filled the air with peace and tranquillity. Finally, Samit had a smile on his face when the sweet buzzing sound hit his ears. The vibration made his heartfelt light. He was now feeling much relaxed. The monk sat in front of him. Both meditated for some time. Finally, Samit opened his eyes and spoke, 'I want to talk.'

'I wanted to stop you, but that would not have helped you. You had to leave this place and face your realities.' Said the monk calmly.

'But what now Guruji? Did I undo everything with my silly mistake?' Samit bowed his head and was now in tears.

Guruji smiled, held his shoulders in both his hands and looked at him. Samit slowly raised his head and looked at him. 'Nothing ever goes in vain, son. This was also a part of your learning and if you think you have undone everything, so how come you decided to come back again?'

'This time, I don't want to go back. I want to spend my entire life over here. I would request you to take me under your guidance and guide me in going towards the path of enlightenment.' Samit spoke in a low, respectful voice. Even though he spoke in such a feeble tone, but still, his voice echoed inside the big hall.

'No can ever guide anyone to that path. It's your conscience which leads you to that path. You will find your path as you had done till

d help their parents after they come back. The elders in the village visited the school to bless Prasoon. It was a bold step for him to come back to this village. He belonged to this village. He had run away from the village and came back many years after. His parents had died waiting for him. He wanted to take them back to the city but when he saw the sad state of the children in the village decided to stay and teach the children. He even encouraged the parents of the students to come to school. He never asked a single penny from anyone for his service. He was happy with whatever he had. He was dedicated, and the school was everything for him. But someone saw this as a threat.

The entire village mourned the death of Prasoon while Samit vowed to avenge the death of his teacher. But he never knew at that time that every story was linked to his story. With it, his eyes opened, and beads of sweat dripped from his forehead as he got up from his meditation and proceeded towards his hut.

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