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   Chapter 5 My Village is burning

A Sin, A Bullet and Redemption By The Fake Blogger Characters: 3569

Updated: 2020-01-20 10:24

The first rays of sun hit the village as the birds chirped their way out of their homes. But the rays of the sun were overshadowed by a thick blanket of smoke. The dog howled sitting near a tree as the village looked like a graveyard. Many houses were destroyed in the fire, and some were still burning. Piles of bodies were laid down on the road. The amount of injured were too many to count. Women sat outside of their dilapidated homes and were crying. Women were widowed, many children lost their parents. The shrieking cries of the children filled the air with despair. Streams of blood mixed with water from the rains last night was flowing like a stream in the village. The nearby pond had already turned red as many bodies were floating in it. The intruders even didn't spare the animals. Dozens of cows, buffaloes, dogs, horses lay dead near the pond. The entire village screamed of death.

A pair of eyes were looking for someone. A boy, not more than ten years, was roaming around. His eyes were filled with tears, but he kept himself steady. He was filled with so much grief that he was not able to call out the person he was looking out for. Finally, he reached a house. The house was beyond recognition. The only way he was able to recognise his home was due to the drawing on the wall which he had made. The wall had burnt down, and just a small portion of the wall remained, and from it, he could see a part of the drawing. Thick black smoke was still coming out of the house. He jumped over the debris and tried to go inside but noticed that the entrance was blocked by the wreckage of the fallen wall. He tried to remove the debris, but he was too weak to do it all by himself.

He ran out and asked for help, 'Uncle, please help me. My mother is trapped inside.

Please help me.' There was no response from anyone. Everyone was drowned in their sorrows to help others to come out of their griefs.

He kept on running all over and asking for help. But no one came forward. He came back crying and sat in front of the house. It seems the invisible force above the clouds felt pity for him. It again started to rain heavily. The remaining fire started to douse due to the rains. Black soot covered the ground, and it started flowing all over. The mud turned blackish red. The small boy stood in front of his house; tears being washed away by the rains. All the soot and the dirt on his body was cleaned up by the rains. He found an opening to go inside, and he jumped through the burnt window. Everything inside was burnt. The pillars inside the house had collapsed. His eyes looked everywhere for her. Finally, at a corner, he saw something in white smeared with red and a hint of black. He ran towards it and within the debris lay his mother. She had the same smile with which she had asked her son to run away from the village when they were attacked. Her face looked calm, even though it was covered in blood. Her hair was dishevelled, and her saree torn in parts. Even though she died a painful death, the smile on her face showed she died peacefully.

He sat near her feet and was crying and remembered her last interaction with her mother. 'Listen, son, you have to live. You have to take revenge for everyone. They killed your father, they are destroying and killing everyone in our village. You have to survive, the anger inside you should turn into rage, and you should not spare anyone. Run, Samit Run.' This was her last words as Samit ran away from the village and sat on a tree outside the community looking at his village burn.

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