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   Chapter 4 The Devil is angry

A Sin, A Bullet and Redemption By The Fake Blogger Characters: 3503

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The room was lit dimly. The room was left with very little space as it was overcrowded with various furniture. Wall hangings and portraits took a significant chunk of the wall space. A shining photo frame of Mecca was hanging on the wall facing the wing chair A heavily built person wearing a white kurta sat in a corner on the leather wing chair. A half-lit cigar was lying on the ashtray. A half-read book was lying upside down near the ashtray. The room smelled of sweet roses. The man had laid his head back, closed his eyes and was thinking something while a girl standing beside him was rubbing his temple. Three heavily built men stood in front of him silently. He signalled the girl to leave the room. After she left, he picked up the cigar, chugged a large chunk of smoke inside him and puffed it out like a steam engine. His eyes were red, and he looked at them. 'So, you could not kill him.' The men standing in front of him trembled. Their throat was dry, and they were in loss of words.

'I had waited for so many years, and all you had to do is shoot him. But you failed.' The man let out a heavy sigh and got up from his chair. He moved towards them. 'Give me one good reason as to why should I not kill all of you?' The three men trembled, and they started sweating from their forehead. 'Give us one more chance, and we won't let you down.' Said Gaffar. 'When you failed to kill him, you should have died with the others in that fight. But Gulfam Aziz would give you another chance. I am giving you 24 hours to kill Rudra.' There was a smile on the face of the three men as they saw a ray of hope. They bent down and kissed the hand of Gulfam and turned around to fulfil their mission. As they were leaving the room, Gulfam signalled

Aamir. He asked two other men to follow him. After some time, three loud gun sounds echoed the empty corridors. 'If I would have forgiven them today, others would have got a chance to fail and think that I would give another chance. In our profession, if you get soft, you are out of this world.' Said Gulfam as he moved towards his chair once again, closed his eyes and asked the girl to come back and continue with her head massage.

Aamir came inside and stood near Gulfam. 'Bhai (Brother) what do you want us to do now?' He opened his eyes and looked at his trusted aide. A smile came over his face. He knew Aamir had never failed. He should have given him the task, but now also it's not that late. 'Can you complete the work which they could not do?' A smile spread across Aamir. It was as if he was waiting for Gulfam to order him this mission. He bent and gave a traditional salute to Gulfam and left the room. His men followed him.

Gulfam met Aamir in front of a mosque years ago when Aamir was still in his teenage. Aamir was caught by Gulfam while stealing his purse, and instead of punishing him, Gulfam took him under his protection and mentored him. Years passed by, and Aamir became his go-to man, and Gulfam trusted him for every work. Aamir never let him down. Aamir was a ruthless mercenary who was a heartless person. He was so cruel that he did not even spare women and kids. The cruelness of Aamir was a well-known story of horror in the entire city. His stories used to haunt people and kids alike. He was the lucifer of the town and the devil being Gulfam himself.

Aamir collected his men and set out to complete his most important mission. He discussed with his men about how to go forward and started from the den.

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