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   Chapter 3 Meet the Monk

A Sin, A Bullet and Redemption By The Fake Blogger Characters: 3735

Updated: 2019-12-26 16:48

The monk closed his eyes slowly and a sweet smile spread over his peaceful face. He also followed the same. They both got lost in a blank space and it relaxed his mind. An hour passed by and they were still deep in meditation. Suddenly, his eyeballs started to move rapidly. Something flashed in front of his eyes and his concentration broke. His eyes were filled with tears as he looked at the monk. The monk was still in deep meditation. He sat there thinking about what happened in the past few days.

The sky was clear. A bird sat on the branch of the tree under which the monk sat and started chirping. He looked at the bird and his thoughts again drifted across to the events which happened a few days back. Some monks were retiring to their huts after their morning prayers. One monk came to him and asked, 'How are you feeling today?' He smiled and answered, 'I am doing good. I am recovering fast. Thank you.'

The monk opened his eyes and looked at him. The other monk exchanged greetings with him and left the place. He asked the monk, 'Why do I keep on going through the same darkness even though I want to move out of it?' 'Until unless you make peace with your past, you would always be intertwined in it.' The monk sat in silence and waited for him to answer. 'But Guruji, I left it all behind but still, my past came back haunting me again.' 'Samit, you are still confused in between worldly and intellectual things. You believed that you left the past, but it was still connected to you. The worldly things were still on your mind which made you go back to your past life. But now you are back, and I would request you to start everything from the beginning. Forget what you had gone through and what you are going through. Just think about the life you want in future.' Samit bowed his head and said nothing. He knew he had committed a mistake.

'Samit, son look at me.' He slowly raised his head and looked at the monk. The intoxicating smile of the monk completely mesmerised Samit as he kept on looking at the monk as a devoted disciple.

Both got up from their place and started to move towards the monastery. Samit was still limping. His wounds were still fresh, and his heart still ached from the pain. He wanted to let his pain out, but he understood this was not the right time. The monastery had a series of stairs which led to a heavily designed door which had engravings from Buddhism. Inside it was a big hall where even the faintest whisper would echo. Sun rays sipped inside the hall from various air vents. The entire hall smelled of sweet fragrance of incense sticks. Big round bells were installed on both sides of the wall. Samit could see many scriptures kept in different corners of the hall. At the end of the hall, there was a statue of a big meditating Buddha. The face reflected peace and tranquillity. The smile on the face could even heal the worst heartaches. Samit felt at peace when he stood in front of Lord Buddha. The monk lit some incense and was putting it in different stands. After that, he was lit some lamps and also refilled some lamps with oil, while Samit stood there looking for answers in the mesmerising face of Gautam Buddha.

'I have seen so much bloodshed that now I want a peaceful life. I want a life far away from the violence.' said Samit in a requesting tone looking at the peaceful face of Buddha. After some time the monk came over and said, 'Dear, son, I know what are you going through and this time I would promise you that I would bring you out of the world where you don't want to go back again. It's my promise.' Samit smiled and got down on his knees in pain and touched the feet of the monk while the monk blessed him with a smile on his face.

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