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   Chapter 2 Wake up call

A Sin, A Bullet and Redemption By The Fake Blogger Characters: 2787

Updated: 2019-12-26 16:45

His eyes opened as the rays of the sun fell directly on him. He responded slowly to the sound of the birds. It was so silent inside that he could hear the faint sound of wind blowing past him. He lay still on the bed and looked up at the ceiling. The roof had a drawing of Gautam Buddha sitting under a tree and passing his peerless knowledge to people sitting in front of him. He realised that there was a glow behind Buddha's head. He felt Enlighted. He tried to get up. He could not fight the pain and he fell back on the bed again. His whole body was paining, and he could see darkness shadowing in front of his eyes. Slowly, he again went into the deep world of slumber before he could even come out of his last slumber.

His vision was shaky as he slowly opened his eyes. Till then, there was silence all over. He could not hear anything except for the gentle humming. It was like someone was chanting some hymns. This time he had the strength to get up. He made a grunting sound and by taking the support of the bedside, he finally succeeded in sitting on the bed. He looked around. This was a familiar environment. A faint smile spread across his face and he with the help of a single crutch got up from his bed. He moved towards the door. It was unlocked. He slowly pushed it open.

It was still dark outside. He could not make out the time until he saw some monks sitting in medit

ation. His eyes looked out for someone. His eyes failed to see whom he was looking for. He slowly started to come out of the room. He could feel the fresh air around him. He stood, stretched himself slowly and started to breathe in the fresh air. It felt so relaxing. He missed it. But now he knew he was back to where he always belonged.

The red rays of the sun started to fill the sky when he started to move around. In the dark corner under a tree, a monk was sitting and praying. A radiance reflected from his face. There was a smile on his face. A peaceful aura surrounded the monk. He felt as if the monk was surrounded by a bright light. Slowly, he came and sat near the monk. He lowered his head near the monk's legs which were folded 'How are you feeling today?' The voice rippled across the silent winds and hit his ears like the Beethoven's symphony. He did not say anything. His long locks of silky hair flew and fell all over his face while he continued to sit looking at the monk. He was at a loss of words.

The rays of the sun had started to fill the monastery. The birds had started to fly away from their homes and their chirping filled the atmosphere all around. He closed his eyes. The hair kept on falling over his closed eyes. His stubble beard covered most of his face. The wounds on his face were still fresh.

In a slow voice, he said, 'Guruji, I am sorry.'

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