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   Chapter 1 The Beginning...

A Sin, A Bullet and Redemption By The Fake Blogger Characters: 3875

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The birds were returning to their homes as the rays of the drowning sun filled the sky with its deep red colour. The earth was still wet due to the rains which ended the long drought due to the hot dry summers. The trees were swaying in happiness as they immersed themselves in the freshness of the rains. The happy chirping of the birds filled the entire atmosphere. The water still dripped from the leaves of the trees. The grass looked greener. The water droplets on the grasses looked like small pieces of diamonds. The entire strip of grass was shining with the drops of water. There was a puddle of water everywhere. The hibernation of the frogs has been converted to croaking as they welcomed the rains. The sun was playing hide and seek with the evening as he was slowing going down the hills. The dusk was slowly changing into the dark skies as the sky was slowly getting filled with the twinkling of the stars. The moon was just getting ready to take over from his counterpart and starting to spread his cool light all over. The skies which looked like it was soaked in blood was slowly changing into the coolness of the night.

An SUV bathed in dust and mud sped across the narrow lanes onto the main road. It was failing to be in a straight line and followed the zigzag path. The car was lucky as the road was empty. The hand on the wheel was trembling. The other hand was on the gearbox. Both the hands were covered in blood and dust. Drops of blood were dripping from the hand on the gearbox. The eyes were constantly looking at the rear-view mirror while he sped across the road. The vehicle made a large cranking sound which disturbed the entire atmosphere as the birds who had returned to their homes, flew again from their homes on hearing the loud noise. A gun whose handle was partially engulfed in blood in the form of fingerprints. The gun was lying on the side seat. A locket featuring the calm meditating photo o

f Gautam Buddha was imprinted on it which was hanging from the stand where the back-view mirror was present. The locket swayed in full force as the SUV moved like a fear-stricken snake on the road.

The eyes were looking out for something. Suddenly the right-hand swept right as the wheels moved to the right. The car left the main road and took a narrow path which was surrounded by trees. The dense vegetation around the narrow path made it look even darker. The lights clicked on as the car sped across its destination. The heartbeat increased as the eyes saw the destination. As the car reached near the monastery, he applied the brakes. Cloud of dust rose as the car slid across the path and stopped in front of a huge gate.

As the dust settled down, a huge decorated gate slowly opened, and some monks ran towards the car. It was a monastery in the middle of nowhere. The entire building was red with engravings all over. The gate was richly engraved with many drawings which were a part of a folk tale which was inscribed all along the walls of the boundary. There were bells hung all over the place which kept on producing a melodious tone as the winds kept on hitting them. There were many buildings inside the premise which looked like miniature monasteries. Every building had a flat surface on top and a statue of Gautam Buddha meditating on it. All the walls had beautiful paintings which depicted a particular story from folk tales. Every painting ended with a teaching. There was greenery all over. Many monks sat under trees and were meditating. Many young monks were seen working inside the monastery. Some were seen studying different scriptures. The sound of the bells kept the atmosphere cool.

But, outside the car disturbed the peace all around as the car stood still inside the cloud of dust. The monks came running and opened the door as a man was lay unconscious in the driver's seat and was bleeding.

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