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   Chapter 36 Thirty Six

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Lauren heaved a huge sigh as soon as she approached the guest room that Stanley was. She knew he was there because that particular guest room was his next favourite room in his house after the master bedroom and peanut's room.

It was as if Stanley had foreseen that there would be times he and Lauren would have a disagreement that would prompt them to stay in separate rooms so Stan made Lauren design that particular bedroom to his taste.

Wrenny softly connected her fist against the door and knocked three times. She waited for a reply but heard nothing.

Fresh tears welled up in her eyes again. In reality, she had started to have a headache because of how much she had cried but that was nothing compared to the pain she was feeling in her heart. (Stanley was angry with her and it was all her fault)

She knocked again.

"Stanley, Please open up."

"I'm sorry for everything, I didn't mean all that came out of my mouth this night. You may hate me right now but I'm assuring you that I hate myself more than you'll ever hate me."

She knocked again as a tear rolled down her cheek. "Please open up Stanley. My heart is so heavy, I cannot stand you being mad at me." Wrenny said which was true. She couldn't even sleep even after she tried to and decided to settle with Stanley the following morning.

Still, She heard no reply from Stan.

Subconsciously, she connected her hand with the door handle to see if it would be opened even though she was sure that it would be locked because Stanley still refused to open up.

Fortunately, the door opened and she heaved a sigh of relief. She had no idea if Stanley opened the door halfway through her knocking or if the door was never locked because she did not try opening it at first.

Lauren pushed the door open a little and poked her head in to see if she was safe to enter. Indeed she was, so she ushered herself in, shutting the door quietly behind her.

Stanley was comfortably seated on the bed, doing some work on his laptop that was perfectly placed on his lap. Lauren could tell he had taken a shower because she could smell his aftershave and just like every other night, he was in his sweatpants and no shirt on.

As Lauren majestically approached Stanley, he did not for once raise his head to look at her even when she knew he could feel her presence.

The only time he took his eyes off his laptop was when he reached for his glass of wine that was on the nightstand, took a sip and returned the glass on the stand.

In as much as Stanley looked calm and minded his business, the same could not be said about Lauren who looked and felt like shit. But Deep down, She could tell that Stanley was very angry.

Standing a few feet away from him, she contemplated on what to say as she nervously played with her fingers.

"Stan?" She whispered, hoping to get his attention but she didn't. He kept on typing away on his laptop even though he heard her calling him.

"I'm very sorry Stanley, Please forgive me." She pleaded as she wiped away tears from her face.

Still, Stanley ignored her.

"I Overreacted, I should not have said all that I said and most importantly, I shouldn't have accused you of cheating on me because you love and adore me so much and you only have eyes for me."

"I've always been insecure and intimidated whenever it comes to Shelly Smith. I've always believed she's more beautiful than me, successful and probably even deserves you more than I do."

"It's second to no one that she was your first love and I've lived with the fear of the phrase, 'Your first love will always be your true love'"

"And hearing that you two met without me knowing sent me totally crazy. Your phone was switched off and I couldn't help the thoughts that were going through my head. I thought I had lost you to another woman."

"I'm sorry I jumped into unnecessary conclusions. I'm sorry I let my jealousy, crankiness and hormones take over me. I'm sorry I snapped at you."

"Please say something Stan, I can't stand your silent treatment. It's okay if you need more time to think things through but please don't break up with me. I can't live without you. I need you and peanut needs you too." She cried.

Still, Stanley did not move an inch from where he was seated and neither did he raise his head for once to look at Wrenny.

Not knowing what to do again, She cradled her bump and slowly dropped down to the floor, by the end of the bed. By this time, Wrenny was weak and tired of crying but for some reason, the tears couldn't stop falling and her face was already swollen.

She caressed her bump. "I don't know what to do again. Your papa is really mad at me. I wish you could beg him on my behalf because I know he will never say 'No' to you."

Stanley heaved a quiet sigh. He put his laptop aside and rose to his feet.

He closed the gap between himself and Lauren, helped her to her feet and hugged the hell out of her, kissing her forehead every now and then.

The only thing Lauren could do was to cry harder in his chest. She was more than relieved with his gesture.

The two lovebirds said nothing but comforted themselves with the warmth provided by the collision of their bodies.

After a while, Stanley pulled away from the hug and took Lauren to the bathroom. He splashed some water over her face and dried her face with a towel.

Then he picked her up in a bridal style and gently placed her on the bed, Supporting her back with pillows.

He dashed out of the guest bedroom and came back a few minutes later with a mug of hot chocolate. (Her favourite drink of the month)

He placed a kiss on her lips before handing her the mug and taking a seat opposite her.

Lauren raised the mug to her lips with both hands and took a sip of the hot chocolate.

Stan tucked a few strands of hair behind wrenny's ear before he spoke.

"I'm also at fault and I apologize." He said as he looked at Lauren sincerely.

"I promise you there's nothing between Shelly and I and I will never cheat on you."

"It's true that she was my first love but I no longer feel anything romantic for her after she broke up with me."

"The phrase 'Your first love will

always be your true love does not apply to me and Shelly. She's engaged to someone else and I'm not only engaged but also madly in love with you."

"I see you and me as the perfect couple and I see myself spending the rest of my life with you, our children, grand and great-grandchildren."

"You're the most beautiful woman I've ever laid my eyes on and you're undoubtedly the best thing that has ever happened to me. Sometimes, I even wonder what I did that I got so lucky to have you by my side."

"You have no reason to be intimidated or jealous of anybody because I'm all yours."

"And if it will make you feel better, Shelly is madly jealous of you. Not in a wrong way though, but she admires you. She has heard about your success story with the Interior company and your paintings. You had no idea how proud I was of you when she talked about you with so much respect. She's even looking forward to meeting you. She said she has never seen me this happy and I told her it's all because I found my other half who loves me endlessly."

Stanley let out some air.

"I didn't tell you about my meeting with Shelly because I wanted it to be a surprise for you and peanut. I was planning on opening an investment for our family. Something that will benefit Peanut and his future siblings."

"I've been having conference calls with the people in charge, we've been discussing options about the type of investment and they said they were going to send a representative to come to brief me through some paperwork and other stuff."

"I was surprised when Shelly walked into my office and it turned out she was the representative. Fortunately, she's also a partner in that investment company."

"We were sort of happy to see each other again and we got carried away, spending the first 45 minutes talking about how life has been since we last met which was almost 5 years ago."

"I got to know that she's now engaged and amongst other things, she has great respect for you."

"I'm sorry my phone was switched off, I honestly had no idea of how that happened. I'm sorry for not picking you up from your company but I promise to make it up to you."

"I'm sorry for saying all those words to you. I said them because I was angry but I promise you I never meant any of them."

"I freaked out because my intention was all pure and I was devastated that you thought the least of me and couldn't even trust me or ask me about it calmly."

"But again, I should have understood matters from your point of view. Being heavily pregnant, you try your best to fulfil your duties to me, peanut and your Jobs. And I really appreciate it."

"Because of peanut, you have no control over your emotions and I should have understood that. Carrying our child is the best gift you can ever give me and I'll forever be grateful to you."

"If you've ever looked sexier or more beautiful, it's right now, You being pregnant with peanut. You're not an ugly whale and I still find you extremely attractive."

"You're not Rita and you can never be like her. You're not evil, you're not a freak, you're not heartless, you're not a bitch and neither is any history repeating itself again."

'You're Lauren, my future wife, the love of my life and the Queen of my heart. You're peanut's mom and the mother of our future children."

"You're selfless, loving, Gorgeous, hardworking, determined, talented, funny, cute and above all, you're the most amazing person I've ever known."

"As for the last statement you made when you dropped on the floor, I just want to let you know that you and peanut are very special to me, You two are my greatest treasures and I can never say No to either of you. I love both of you more than I love me and I will always put you guys happiness before mine."

"I'm sorry for everything. I love you too and I promise to always control my emotions." Wrenny voiced out.

"You're forgiven and I'm deeply sorry too. I promise to be more considerate and more patient."

"I was scared that you wouldn't want anything to do with me again." She confessed.

Stanley reached for her left hand and kissed it. "That would never happen because my life will be meaningless without you and peanut."

Lauren placed her empty mug on the nightstand. She moved closer to Stanley and wrapped her arms around him, hugging him dearly. "I want this fight to be the last. I don't want to experience you being mad at me again."

Stanley kissed Wrenny's forehead before pulling away from the hug and making her look at him.

"Don't think of yourself as a weirdo. I googled some things up a few minutes ago and amongst other things, I read that it's normal for pregnant women to lose their temper quickly "

"But I was too blind to see that because of how provoked I was. I had the intention of letting you be tonight and then settle tomorrow. It's impossible for me to stay mad at you for too long."

"That's what I had in mind too but I felt too guilty and couldn't sleep. To make things worse, Peanut was also poking me non-stop." She explained.

Stanley smiled and caressed Lauren's bump. He adjusted himself from his seated position so as to comfortably talk to his son.

"Hi buddy, Mommy and I are sorry for stressing you out tonight. We promise to be good and not fight anymore. I know we missed our routine tonight but don't worry, We will make it up to you. Be good to Mommy okay? We love you so much." He completed, then showered kisses across Wrenny's belly.

Stanley felt a light kick against his lips and he smiled. He loved that they could communicate with their little miracle and he seemed to understand them perfectly.

"I'm sorry I made you cry. I promise not to make you cry anymore but you'll have to forgive me in advance for all the happy tears you'll shed." Stanley said as he caressed Lauren's cheek.

She smiled. "I don't know how I got so damn lucky to have you. Thank you for loving me despite my imperfections."

Stanley connected his lips with Lauren's and gave her a long passionate kiss.

The duo got comfortable on the bed and cuddled each other. Stanley stroked Lauren's hair and made conversations with her until they both fell asleep.

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