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   Chapter 34 Thirty Four

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23 weeks pregnant!

Instead of falling asleep, Lauren found herself tossing and switching positions on the bed.

She would have slept like a baby if Stanley was beside her. He would have cradled her possessively yet carefully as if she was his most precious item.

To top it all, Peanut wasn't having it this night. He seemed to have noticed his Mom and Dad were having a small fight so he kept moving and kicking every few minutes, making it hard for Lauren to fall asleep.

She placed her left hand on her belly, exactly where peanut's kicks were coming from.

"Sweetheart, Mommy has to sleep. Can you please be nice? I already feel guilty about what I did and the last thing I need is for you to keep kicking me, making me feel even more guilty." Lauren said as another set of fresh tears rolled down her cheeks.

She had no doubt peanut sensed the atmosphere between his parents. Besides, he and Stanley already had a night routine which was not observed tonight because of what happened.

Usually, before they go to bed, Lauren would have her healthy snack and while she ate that, Stanley and peanut would have their daddy-son time. He always showered peanut with kisses, told him how the day went and then read him a bedtime story.

Stanley already bought a few bedtime stories for peanut and he enjoyed reading them to him.

This was a bonding routine Stanley and Lauren look forward to every night and no doubt peanut was already addicted to it.

Wrenny felt guilty as hell for taking that away from Stanley and Peanut.

Due to her Jealousy and crankiness, she and Stan had a heated argument and she ended up saying things she shouldn't have said. She had no idea if he would ever be able to forgive her because as far as she could remember, she had never seen him as angry as he was tonight.

"I messed up pretty bad and I don't know if your Daddy will ever want to talk to me again. I don't know what to do honey and it kills me knowing that I was the cause of everything." Lauren sniffed as she talked to peanut. She was truly not at peace with herself.

Stanley angrily left the room for her and lodged in the guest bedroom that was a few steps away from peanut's room.

Flashback. (Earlier today)

Working three jobs and having time for her family was something new to Lauren but she was trying her best to make things work. Most especially, making it up to Stanley and peanut and at the same time trying not to overwork herself because of her condition.

At the interior design company, Lauren was a boss just as much as Carlton so she does more of reviewing projects, giving ideas and instructions on what to do whenever the team had a project to work on and on a few occasions, she and Carlton go to supervise the team whenever they were at work.

The job was a very flexible one for Lauren as she could do most of it from home. Also, she made it mandatory to visit the company every Tuesday and Thursday just to make sure everything was in order.

She and Carlton perfectly understood each other so there had never been any cause for alarm.

Today was Thursday which means Lauren had to go to Crown interiors. She left Stanley's office immediately after lunch and just like every other Tuesday and Thursday, Stanley had promised to pick he

in the world than Shelly smith."

"And to make sure no third party like me interrupted your beautiful moment, you did the right thing by switching off your phone."

Stanley ran his fingers through his hair. He was boiling on the inside and at the same time trying not to lash out on Lauren.

"I'm so disappointed in you Lauren. I trust you with my life and you don't even trust me one bit, " he said with extreme hurt in his eyes.

Lauren rose to her feet and faced Stanley. "You and Shelly spent over two hours together, doing sweet nothing and you want me to feel the happiest I've ever been?"

"How did you even come to know I was with Shelly?"

"Why? Are you disappointed that I found out about your dirty little secret?"

"Watch your mouth, Lauren!" He raised his voice at her.

"I wonder why Tessy could not just keep her mouth shut." He said to himself but Lauren heard. He had no doubt it was Tessy who informed Lauren about him and Shelly.

"Why should she? Or are you also Fucking her?" Lauren said before she could stop herself. It was after she made the statement that she realized she had gone too far. They both knew the history behind the reason why they hired Tessy in particular and Stanley fucking her will be the dumbest thing anyone could ever say or even think of.

Stanley was beyond shocked! He trusted this woman who was standing in front of him with his life and just because he decided to keep something away from her for the meantime, she accused him of being promiscuous.

"You're definitely not the woman I fell in love with. We are not even legally married yet and you're already showing me your true colours. You remind me of Rita right now and I'm starting to think that history is going to repeat itself again." Stanley said with a look of hurt, betrayal and disgust.

Stan had so much more to say but he was too pained to voice them out. He couldn't believe what just happened actually happened and before he could say something or do something he will forever regret, he reached for his jacket on the sofa and walked out of the master bedroom, slamming the door behind him.

Lauren plopped down on the floor and cried her eyes out.

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