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   Chapter 33 Thirty Three

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Lauren was in her office going over some documents for Stanley when she heard a knock on her door.

Before she could give the person permission to come in, the individual peeked a head through the door.

"Will mama bear be chanced to see me or should I come back later because she's busy doing something for papa bear?"

Lauren blushed.

"Don't be silly Katherine. You know you're always welcome to my office."

Kate smiled and made her way in. Though they work in the same office building, they've not seen each other today and it was way past afternoon.

Lauren stood up behind her desk to embrace her friend in a hug.

Katherine returned the hug, careful not to hurt peanut in the process.

"Hi, my love" She caressed Wrenny's bump to greet peanut.

"I hope he's not being naughty?" Kate asked.

Lauren smiled as she cradled her bump. "He's been cooperating so far. Stanley talks to him every day and he usually reminds him not to give mommy a hard time."

"That's so sweet. I have no doubt Stanley and peanut will have a very good father-son relationship. I've never seen him this happy, Your presence really did good on him." Kate said.

Lauren chuckled, "Thanks to you for bringing my ass here for the job interview. It's been a life-changing experience."

Katherine waved her hands, "There's no need to thank me. I've always believed You and Stanley were meant to be even when you did nothing but deny that you had feelings for him."

"Besides, I believe in destiny so if I hadn't dragged your ass here for the interview, You and Stanley would have still met somehow. But I'm happy I forced your ass here, You guys have done nothing but entertained me and made me believe true love still exists." Kate concluded and they both laughed.

Lauren ushered Kate to the visitors' area of her office where they both sat on the couch.

Katherine took Lauren's hands in hers. "I'm so happy for you. You're indeed a strong woman and Stanley is so damn lucky to have you. Even peanut will forever be grateful to you for being his mom."

"Despite what you, your mom and sister faced from your father, despite all that you went through in the hands of Dan, you still chose to stand tall. You're really a gem and you deserve all the happiness that's coming your way."

Lauren smiled sadly, remembering the sad memories, times where she felt she had no worth and almost committed suicide.

She had always looked up to her father until he started giving She and her mom cold treatment. He kicked Lauren and Jenny out of the house when Jenny was six months pregnant with Abby. He cut off all ties with them and blocked all of Jenny's credit card that he provided for her.

Her Dad wasn't a billionaire, heck, he doesn't even have up to half of what Stanley has but he was very well to do.

They had their own home and her father runs a textile company.

Till today, Lauren had no idea why her father sent her and her pregnant Mom out of the house. A few weeks after he sent them away, She and her Mom heard that he got married to another woman who was almost as rich as he was.

Jenny was beyond devastated because she was somehow hoping Joel was going to come back to his mind, ask for their forgiveness and take them back.

Even though Lauren was barely eight years old then, She sort of understood what her mom was going through and gave her the support she needed but it took a while for Jenny and Lauren to move past their father's betrayal.

Lauren was grateful her Mom refused her Father's offer not to work. Joel wanted Jenny to be a full housewife but Jenny refused, insisting she wanted to be a working mom.

It was the money Jenny saved up from her job that helped She, Lauren and her unborn child survive after Joel kicked them out; She was able to rent a small apartment.

Being heavily pregnant, there was no one in his or her ri

thinking lately and we arrived at a conclusion two nights ago."

"We want you to be Peanut's godmother, " Wrenny announced.

Katherine looked at the two lovebirds as if they've grown four heads.

"You guys are kidding, right?

"I.....I me.....I mean are you guys sure about this?"

"I've never been a godmother before. Though I babysit Luisa's children, I don't know if I'm qualified to be a godmother."

"The two of you and peanut mean so much to me and I wouldn't want to let you guys down by not carrying out my godmother's duties well. Maybe you should just pick someone else." Kate said with panic as she stammered in between and kept playing with her fingers.

Stanley had a big smile on his face but he was laughing really hard and rolling on the floor on the inside. It was so refreshing seeing this side of Katherine.

She was always the badass staff that wasn't afraid of any business-related challenges and seeing her going into panic mode just because they asked her to be peanut's godmother was so funny.

"Calm down Kate." Lauren released herself from Stanley and approached Kate. She took her hands in hers.

"You shouldn't be panicking. Stanley and I have so much faith in you that you will do great being peanut's godmother. You are the only friend I trust and Peanut will be honoured to have you as his godmother."

"I know you are very good with kids. If Luisa could trust you with her babies for over a month and a half, then tell me why Stanley and I wouldn't trust you with our little miracle?"

Luisa was Katherine's elder sister and Kate usually watches over her niece and nephews almost every time including when Luisa had to travel for a month or two for some work-related affairs.

"You may not have been a godmother before but there's always a first time for everything. Please just say Yes." Lauren completed with pleading eyes.

"Are you guys sure about this?" Kate asked with a glint of happy tears in her eyes. She was really overwhelmed that Stanlaur trusted her with their first fruit.

Stanley replied with a positive nod and Lauren did the same.

"You two sure do know how to make someone cry, " Kate said as she carefully dabbed away the happy tears that were starting to fall from her yes.

Stanley and Lauren chuckled.

"So is that a yes?" Stanley asked hopefully.

"Sure! Thank you so much for trusting me with such responsibility. I promise not to let you guys or peanut down.

Lauren embraced her friend into a hug. "We know you won't let any of us down. That's why we chose you. Thanks for saying 'Yes.'"

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