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   Chapter 30 Thirty

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"You excited?" Stan asked as he took his eyes off the road for a second to take a glance at Lauren who was seated beside him, on the front passenger's seat.

"I don't know, Should I be?" She said shyly as she toyed with her fingers.

"There's nothing to be worried about babe. I'm sure this evening will be one of the best moments of my parents' life."

"You're carrying their grandchild which is one of the best surprises you can ever give them. Just be prepared because they are going to be all over you, fussing about peanut."

Lauren smiled and lovingly caressed her belly with her right hand.

Everyone who knew Lauren knew she had a perfectly flat stomach but she started noticing a bulge two days after her first Doctor's appointment.

She was beyond excited and had called Stanley to come see it. The duo were happy, knowing their baby was healthy and growing well.

Wrenny was a nervous wreck on the day of the appointment. She had faith that everything was going to be alright with peanut but at the same time, she couldn't help but worry. Stanley had assured her that she was not a freak; her motherly instincts were already kicking in and it was fine to feel that way about peanut.

After her Obgyn, Doctor Charlotte Nice did all the necessary check-up, She assured Lauren that everything was fine and that they would conduct an ultrasound on her next appointment. That assurance alone had boosted Lauren's confidence about her pregnancy.

"Though, I think Anita suspects that you're carrying her niece or nephew so it might not be much of a surprise to her. " Stan revealed.

Lauren chuckled, "I thought as much. She has been so clingy lately. She chats me up every time and then ends our chats with phrases like 'Is there anything you'd like to tell me?, I'm your sister and you know you can trust me right? you know that you and my brother will make adorable babies?' and stuff like that."

Stanley smiled and shook his head in disbelief, Anita could be a pest whenever she wanted to. "I guess someone is very excited to be an aunt, " he commented.

Lauren smiled, remembering the sweet memories of last night. "Just like how Abby reacted when we told her."

Stanley laughed out loud as he replayed the moment on his head.

He and Lauren facetimed Wrenny's mom last night. Abi was also around so she joined their conversation. She started off talking about school and then Lauren suddenly spilled the beans.

Abby reacted in the way Lauren thought was going to be her moms' reaction while her mom reacted in what she thought was going to be Abby's reaction.

Tears rolled down Abigail's cheek immediately Lauren announced that she was pregnant. Her little sister was aware of all the trauma she went through in her first miscarriage and last relationship so she was overwhelmed.

Lauren almost shed tears too. Abigail wasn't the typical emotional child but wrenny was moved to see her little sister shed some happy tears.

Jenny did a good job in calming Abigail down and when Abby was back to her normal self, She initiated lively and funny conversations about peanut.

Then in the presence of her mom and sister, she pleaded to her soon to be brother in law to take very good care of Wrenny and Peanut.

In all, Abigail was very excited about being an auntie.

Stanley also told Jenny to let him know when she will be able to take a break from work which will obviously fall during the time Abby was on holidays, so he can send his pilot to go pick them up.

sn't taking a toll on you? I hope you've not been stressing yourself too much...."

"Okay, someone is already in her Grandma's mode, " Anita said and they all laughed.

"Thanks for relieving me from mom's pressure about giving Alexa a younger sibling. Peanut will have her occupied for a while." Ann said to wrenny.

"No Ma'am. You're only off the hook for now since we have Peanut on the way and Alexa to bond with. Kevin and I want many grandchildren so we will continue to persuade you." Anita playfully rolled her eyes at her mom.

"You know what Mom? I was thinking of giving Alexa a sibling when she clocks five but I think it will no longer be necessary now that peanut is on the way." Ann joked which earned a chuckle from everyone and a glare from her mother.

"Did we miss anything? Who is peanut?" Harry asked as soon as he arrived with Alexa in his arms.

The little girl gestured for her Dad to put her down as soon as She saw Stanley. Harry did just that and Alexa ran to her uncle who picked her up and showered her face with kisses. Lauren kissed her cheeks too.

"Lauren and Stanley's little Jelly Bean. They are expecting." Anita answered her husband.

Harry smiled, "That's great news. Congratulations fam. He hugged Wrenny and when he was about to give Stan a side hug because he was holding Alexa, Alexa asked. "Who are we expecting Daddy?"

"Oh, my love, Uncle Stan and Aunt Lauren will explain that to you."

Alexa looked at Stanley for answers.

"Remember you've always wanted a baby cousin to play with?" Stan jogged back his niece's memory.

She nodded.

"So, we are expecting him or her in less than eight months."

Alexa smiled, "There's a baby in her belly?" She pointed to Lauren.

"Yes my love, " Stan replied.

"Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!" Lexa did a funny happy dance in Stanley's arms which earned laughter from her parents, grandparents and also Stanley and Lauren.

"Uncle Stan, is my baby cousin a girl or a boy?"

"We don't know the gender yet princess but what do you think it will be?"

"A Girl." She beamed.

"She will be my best friend and I'll share all of my toys with her. We will play dress-up, paint Grandpa's face and go shopping with Grandma."

Stanley smiled, He had no doubt Alexa will be so protective of her baby cousin. "We shall see about that, cupcake."

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