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   Chapter 29 Twenty Nine

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A few days later.

"Remember I warned you before you put me in charge of this huge project. It may not be as brilliant as you want or predict it would be but I promise you that I did my best to make this place as beautiful and homey as possible."

"I'm also excited for you to see what myself and the team have done. So papa bear, I hope you enjoy this tour that I'm about to give you." Lauren completed.

Stan smiled, "I can't wait to see how you've transformed our new home.

"Okay then, let me show you around, MI Amor." Wrenny connected her hand with Stan's own and ushered him to the entrance of their medium size mansion.

He needed no introduction on the renovations done to the front yard of the house because he has seen them a couple of times and had commended Lauren on the work done.

Lately, Lauren has been spending her daytime between working for Stanley at the office and working on the renovations for their new home.

She would leave the office around 2 pm and when Stan closes from work at 5, he will go over to the mansion to pick Lauren.

And all these while that Stan has been coming to pick her up, she never allowed him in, no matter how much he pleaded.

Wrenny wanted Stan to see the house when everything was ready and he respected her decision. What he liked was that she had asked for his opinion on certain pieces of furniture, paint colours and other necessary stuff, making him indirectly involved.

"And lastly for the ground floor, This is our kitchen." Lauren walked into the kitchen with Stanley behind her. She showed him the renovations and decorations that were done and she gave him a tour of the pantry.

"So what do you think about the ground floor?" She asked, rubbing her palms together before finally wrapping them around herself.

Even though Wrenny was nervous, She was dying to know Stan's opinion on all that she had done. Her greatest fear was him not liking how she transformed their new home. She worked really hard and the team she worked with assured her that her home was one of the best projects they've worked on, meaning she did an excellent job. But that didn't stop her from being nervous as She gave Stanley a tour.

She had stolen glances at him while showing him around but she was not able to come to a conclusion about what was going on in his head, (if he liked it or not) because he had an unreadable expression on his face throughout.

For the first time since she started showing Stanley around, he smiled and that was only when Lauren heaved a sigh of relief.

She rested her back against the kitchen counter so Stanley closed the gap between them and circled his arms around her waist.


and Carlton Hanciles, the owner of crown interiors came over to take a look and She was very impressed."

"I woke up this morning to an email from her, offering me a position at the company."

"She called me a few hours later since she didn't get any response from me."

"She told me how brilliant the interiors of our home were and that her staff said good things about me. Fortunately, they liked me and would love to work with me again."

"Basically she wants to partner with me so I can contribute to the company's success. She's offering a 50/50 percent deal. She said she doesn't mind if I only want to work part-time and most importantly she begged me to please consider her offer."

"I told her I would get back to her before the weekend. I was going to discuss it with you tonight."

"Do you want to go for it? Carlton's interior company is well known and I have no doubt you two will break more barriers by joining forces. Or you want to start your own interior company instead?"

"I don't know. What do you think?" She asked him.

"It depends on what you want. You know I'll always support you no matter what."

"Being a partner with Carlton is fine. She has all the connections, clients and staff at the tip of her fingers. Also, starting your own company is not a bad idea. You're very good with what you do and I have no doubt you'll do extremely well."

"With Peanut on the way, I have no doubt we will have our hands full but don't let that scare you away from taking chances. You're a strong woman and I believe you can do anything you set your mind to and that includes owning and running your own company or partnering with another person."

"Take as much time as you need to think about it and let me know what you decide. I'm so proud of you babe."

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