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   Chapter 27 Twenty Seven

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Updated: 2020-01-23 01:38

As soon as Stanley shut the bathroom door behind him, Lauren began to undress. When she was in nothing but her panties, she turned to the mirror and took a glance at her body.

The glance turned into a few minutes admiration of herself. Her face was puffy and a bit red which was expected because of all the tears she shed. She noticed she had lost a little bit of weight and lastly she caressed her still flat belly.

She couldn't believe a little human was growing in her. Not just any little human but the one which is a product of She and Stanley's love; The man she loves more than anything in the world.

"Hi, peanut." She looked down at her belly with so much adoration in her eyes. Happy tears welled up in her eyes too. This was the first time she had the nerve to talk to her precious miracle since she discovered that she could be 99% pregnant.

"Forgive Mommy for being sceptical about you. Please forgive mommy for not taking good care of you and showering you with so much love that you deserve. I promise you that will change from now and let me give you a peaceful warning, you might even get tired of all the love you will be receiving from now because mommy and daddy will shower you with excess love."

"I believed your Daddy when he assured me that you're here to stay. Don't worry about anything because I will be strong for you, I will protect you and try not to stress you with my daily activities."

"You can only be in mama's belly once in a lifetime and I hope you enjoy your stay in there before I finally have you in my arms." A tear rolled down from Lauren's cheek which she wiped away with the back of her palm and chuckled. "That will probably be one of the best days of my life."

"I love you so much already and so does you

py when they hear that we are expecting. They've always wanted so many grandbabies. I understand if you don't want us to tell them now. I will wait until you're comfortable with us telling our families."

"They have a right to know about the new addition in the family but let's wait till after the doctor's appointment." She pleaded.

Stan kissed the crown of her head. "Anything for you my love."

"I hope Kathrine did well on my behalf. I called her early this morning and directed her on what to do."

"She did her best. She's a really good friend. She arranged tea for me and my partners and she took notes."

"I thought she was aware of what was going on with you but she said she had no idea and advised me not to give up on you."

"She knows about Dan and the miscarriage because I met her through Dan but she doesn't know about peanut."

"She also cut off all ties with Dan as soon as she became aware of what he did to me. She was also the one that forced me to come for the interview as your personal assistant" Lauren explained.

"That means I owe Katherine a big one! I would never have met you if she hadn't forced you to come for the interview."

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