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   Chapter 24 Twenty Four

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As far as Stanley has unintentionally heard, there's no true relationship that doesn't have its own challenges. What matters is how the partners choose to deal with such challenge(s).

This was the first time Stanley has ever been in a genuine relationship and that being said, handling challenges may be quite new to him. The last thing he ever wants to do is to fuck things up or do something that will make him lose Lauren.

He really hoped that won't be the case with Lauren because he couldn't imagine spending the rest of his life without her by his side.

But still, Stanley was not understanding what was going on between himself and Lauren lately. As far as he remembered, he never did anything to hurt her feelings in any way and that kept him wondering what went wrong.

Stanley couldn't even concentrate on work. For the past twenty minutes, he has been trying to make sense of the first sentence of the document that his lawyer sent to him.

Instead, his mind was on Lauren and the possibility of what initiated her to start distancing herself from him.

After a while of contemplating, Stan rose to his feet and made his way to Lauren's office with the zeal to get answers as to why she has been giving him cold treatments.

Stanley did not bother knocking on the door. He stormed into Lauren's office and met her typing away on her laptop. He knew she knew he was the one that entered his office. Still, she didn't look up to attend to him; She continued typing away, pretending as if nobody entered her office.

Burying herself with work was what she has been doing lately.

Stanley heaved a sigh and made his way to where Lauren was seated. He turned her computer chair towards him and then squatted before her.

He intertwined his hands with her cold ones.

"What is the matter, Lauren?" He asked with a pleading and concerned voice.

"Nothing." She replied almost immediately, without looking into his eyes. Instead, her eyes were fixed at their intertwined hands.

Stanley blew out some air. He was obviously running out of patience.

'Nothing' was the only answer she gave him any time he asked her what was wrong. He was getting sick and tired of it. Wrenny has been shutting him out and keeping to herself no matter how hard he assured her she could talk to him about what was bothering her.

"I honestly can't remember if I did anything to hurt you but if I've wronged you in any way, please forgive me." Stanley pleaded.

"You've done nothing wrong. You didn't offend me." She replied, still not looking into his eyes.

"I noticed you've not been feeling well lately, Do you want me to accompany you to the doctors. If you don't feel like going to the hospital I can call my doctor to come to check up on you." He offered.

"There's no need for that. I'm fine." She tried to assure him as she looked down at their intertwined hands.

"Is there a problem concerning your works with the Gallery? Or are you having difficulties with the house decorations?" He asked even when he was sure that it was neither of the above.

After showing her works to one of the top Art Galleries in the country, the owner fell in love with Lauren's work and immediately agreed for Lauren to display her collections in the Gallery.

And in two weeks, all of the paintings and drawings she put up in the gallery were sold out. Stanley even took her to dinner that night to celebrate her success and made her know that he was extremely proud of her. He also gave her a congratulatory gift. 'a silver necklace with the words 'my superwoman' engraved on it.'

Also, the interior design company Lauren was working with had reached out to St

ms?" she asked.

"There was a time she complained about dizzy spells and now she has lost a little bit of weight. I might look as if I don't care but I promise you, Ann, I'm deeply concerned about Lauren. It hurts so much that she's not letting me in on what's bothering her. A part of me is beginning to think she doesn't love me anymore."

"Please don't think that way Stan, Lauren still loves you."

"From what you've said, I know there's something she's not telling you and maybe the reason why she's acting like this or not telling you anything is because the subject reminds her of a wound that hasn't healed."

Stan gave his sister a questioning look.

"What I'm trying to say is that you should be more patient with Lauren. She might be putting on a bold face but might be a total mess on the inside. I think right now, she needs you more than ever."

"You've never seen her behave this way before in the two years you've known her so it's reasonable to think that she's going through a really hard time with whatever is bothering her. Please be patient, I promise you she will eventually open up."

"She's got no one but you and I can imagine how she must be feeling after you snapped at her."

"Don't listen to all those conflicting thoughts in your head. Lauren still loves you very much and please don't give up on her."

"Promise me you'll reach out to her and try to settle with her, " Anita asked with pleading eyes.

"What if nothing changes? What if she still refuses to open up? What if she pushes me away again?"

"Don't dwell on that Stan. She's your woman and you know her more than anyone. There must be something you can do to persuade her into opening up to you. Please just fight harder for her!" Anita pleaded.

Stanley nodded. "I'll do my best."

"You and Lauren's relationship is the best thing that has happened to every one of us in the family. We will all be heartbroken if anything comes between you two." Anita confessed.

"I'll go see her and make peace with her and if she tries to push me away again I won't let her, " Stan assured. "I've given her enough space and I think it's time she lets me in on what's bothering her."

Anita smiled.

After Ann talked some sense into her younger brother, She stayed with him for a while, made him dinner and ensured he ate some of it after finding out he skipped breakfast and lunch and had been feeding on soda because of his lack of appetite.

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