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   Chapter 22 Twenty Two

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Days Later.

Just like how it has always been, Stanley and Lauren's love grew stronger day by day. Lauren has not moved in with Stanley yet because they are still in search of their dream home.

Stan decided he wanted a fresh start with the love of his life and that included buying a new house as memories of Rita and her infidelity was clouded in every corner of his present mansion.

Stan had discussed it with Wrenny and they had both gone to see an estate agent, giving him their preference as to the type of house they want.

Till the estate agent finds their perfect home, the two lovebirds share their night in either Lauren's place or Stanley's place. But mostly in Lauren's apartment.

Lauren has not given Stanley a reply about what they discussed (She pursuing her artistic career) and neither has Stan pressured her for any reply. But wrenny has been doing a lot of thinking lately and she has started taking her drawing and painting more seriously.

Unlike before that she hides from Stanley to draw or paint, she was now used to him being around her whenever she was drawing or painting.

Lauren was still figuring things out and so till then, Stanley had his fingers crossed.

"You haven't said much about the celebrant." Lauren reminded as Stanley drove. He only told her this morning that one of his partners was having a small party and he was invited. So, as his Fiancee, she's obliged to come with him. He also insisted she wore the dress he bought for her a few days ago, justifying that it fits her well and that he wants to show her to the world as his only.

He smiled.

"I know almost all your clients and business partners. But how come I've never heard of this Mr Young Carter?" She asked.

With a smile playing on his lips, hands on the steering and eyes fixed on the road, Stanley replied. "I'm sure you know him. You just don't remember him."

"That's strange, " Lauren muttered. She has always had a very clear memory of everything.

Stan removed his right hand from the steering wheel and gave Lauren's hand a light squeeze. "It's just a party; Go with the flow and have fun. Besides, I'll always be by your side."

Lauren nodded positively. This was not the first time she would be accompanying Stanley to an event but this was the first time she would be attending an event with him since he put a ring on her finger. So he was probably going to introduce her to other guests as his fiancee. She was perfectly fine with it but just a little nervous.

After a few more minutes drive, they got to the venue.

Stanley got down first, handed his car keys to the valet and then went over to the other side to help Lauren down from the car.

"Thank you." She smiled at him.

With his hands possessively on the small of her back, he guided her to the entrance of the hall.

"An indoor party it is!" She mumbled.

"Yes, my love." He replied.

The duo responded to the greetings of the security guards as they made their way in.

Lauren expected the party to be like the ones she used to attend with Stan. Beautifully decorated halls, waiters walking to and fro serving drinks and food, people in every corner of the hall talking about business and the wives/girlfriends of Stans' business partners 'aka the high-class ladies who do nothing but gossip about everything and try to flaunt how much money their husbands/boyfriends have.'

But this event was totally different from the others.

Normally, whenever Lauren steps into such occasions, She would first take a general view of the hall and the people in it.

And then she unintentionally starts taking note of the details as Stanley ushers her to their seat. Details like the faces of the people that are present in the party and all other less important things that one must notice by virtue of being in such an event.

All of that didn't happen because before Lauren could take in the general view of everything, she saw familiar faces and decorations that were just so hard to ignore.

She was speechless!!!!

'Congratulations on your engagement Stanlaur' decorations were all over with cute and romantic pictures of herself and Stanley.

To the right side of the hall was a table with a three-tier cake and a few steps away from it was a corner which Lauren recognized as the gift corner. The little corner was overflowing with engagement gifts.

Happy tears welled up in wrenny's eyes as she took in everyone in attendance. The hall was not big and it wasn't small either. Just a perfect size to host a surprise engagement party with their loved ones.

Lauren could see her mom, her sister, Stanley's parents, Anita, Harry, Alexa, Kathrine(Lauren's friend at work), some of Stanley's extended family members, a few staff from his company and his close business partners/friends smiling right back at her shocked expression.

She turned to look at Stanley who had a proud smile on his face."I'm sure you know him, you just don't remember him." She mimicked the statement he

made when they were in the car.

Stanley chuckled and wrapped his arms around Lauren's waist, ignoring the stares of their loved ones in the room. "If I told you, it would not have been a surprise. I wanted our loved ones to celebrate with us and that's why I came up with the idea of having this engagement party. Anita helped with the planning."

"I love you." She said to him with so much adoration in her eyes before standing on her tippy toes and giving him a kiss on his lips which earned smiles and giggles from their guests.

"Hi lovers." Anita approached them.

She hugged her brother and did the same to Lauren.

"Congratulations darling." She whispered to Lauren before pulling away from the hug.

"Thank you." She smiled.

Anita reached for Lauren's left hand and admired her engagement ring which fit her perfectly as if it was truly meant to be there.

It was exactly a week that Stanley proposed to her and most of their loved ones hadn't seen the ring on her until now.

"This is beautiful." She admired the expensive ring on her soon to be Sister in law's hand.

Lauren blushed. "I know."

"Thanks for helping Stanley plan all of these. I honestly never saw it coming but I'm really grateful."

"No need to thank me, darling. I'll do anything for my Sister in law." Anita smiled.


"Mom. I literally spoke to you this morning and you told me you were on your way to the bakery. What are you doing in California?" Lauren asked as she hugged her mom and kissed her cheek. She had no idea her mom was in California when they talked this morning.

Jenny chuckled and returned her daughter's hug. "Congratulations my child, It was a surprise. Thanks to your Fiance." She said.

"Stanley arranged for us to come in his private Jet. Oh, you need to see our hotel. I don't even want to go back to Arizona." Abigail said and Jenny rolled her eyes at her.

Abby hugged her elder sister. "Congratulations Sis. I hope I find a good man like Stanley too. He loves you too much."

Lauren smiled and kissed her forehead. "You will, my love. By God's grace."

"Amen. But honestly, I'm so proud to be associated with the Chatwins'. I don't need to be too serious with schoolwork anymore. Stanley can give me a job in his company."

"Oh my God, and I also met Anita Chatwin earlier. She took a selfie with me. I'm going to post it on my Insta and no doubt I'll be the talk of the town when I return to Arizona."

Lauren chuckled while Jenny shot her younger daughter a glare.

Anita is a well-known model and entrepreneur.

"I wouldn't advise you to dwell on that young woman. Stanley will only hire you if you have good results so take your school work seriously." Lauren advised.

"I know Sissy. I was only exaggerating." Abby smiled sheepishly.

"And you know what that means? You have to study harder if you really want to be a doctor." Jenny reminded.

While Stanley chatted with other guests, Brenda and Kelvin came to congratulate Lauren.

"Congratulations on your engagement. I literally cried when Stanley told me about the proposal. You both deserve each other. May God bless your union." Brenda said and then hugged Wrenny.

She smiled. "Thanks, Mom."

Kelvin followed suit with the hug. "Congratulations daughter."

"Thanks, Dad." She returned the hug.

"Mom, Dad. I want you to meet my Mom, Jenny and my Sister, Abby."

"Oh, dear. Stanley already introduced us. In fact, Abby and I spent the whole of yesterday in Brenda and Kelvin's mansion." Jenny clarified.


"Love is a beautiful thing. I've never seen you this happy. Congratulations man." Joshua, Stan's close friend and business partner hugged him.

Stanley blushed. "Thanks."

"I'm blessed I have Lauren. I'm being careful not to fuck things up so I won't lose her. She's the best thing that has ever happened to me." He confessed.

"She's forever yours and I have faith in you that you won't screw things up, " Joshua assured.

Stan nodded.

"How's Martha, " he asked after Josh's wife.

"Apart from the fact that she drives me crazy with her mood swings, she's perfectly fine. I honestly can't wait for the baby to pop out so she can be back to her normal self."

Stanley chuckled, "Is it that bad?"

"Oh, wait till Lauren gets pregnant with your child and you will understand what I'm talking about."


Stanley and Lauren were congratulated by every other person that came to celebrate with them. They cut the cake and took pictures. Food and drinks were served and a toast was made to Stanlaur!

"Why are you looking at me like I have monsters all over my face?" Lauren asked Abby.

"You have never been a fan of sugar and you literally finished five big pieces of cake. Are you okay?" Abby asked.

Lauren shrugged. Abigail was right. She has never been a fan of sweets (cakes and junks) but with the intention of taking a small piece of cake, she didn't know when she ate up to five chunky slices.

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