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   Chapter 21 Twenty One

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Stanley walked in with a tray of breakfast as soon as Lauren ended the call with her mom.

He walked towards where she was seated on the bed and placed the tray on the nightstand.

"Good morning." She smiled at him.

"Good morning my love, " Stan responded.

He kissed Lauren on her forehead, gave her a kiss on her lips and then sat opposite her.

"Apart from the fact that you looked peaceful when you were asleep, you also looked tired so I allowed you to sleep more."

"Feeling better?" he asked concerned.

She intertwined her hand with his. "I'm fine Stan. Just a little sore but it's nothing to worry about."

He smiled sadly. "Sorry, I should have been more gentle."

Lauren blushed, "Don't be silly. I was the one who couldn't stop asking for more."

"Thanks for giving me a memorable night." She leaned closer to him and gave him a kiss on his lips.

"I made you your favourite." He reached for the tray on the nightstand and carefully placed it on her lap.

"Thank you." She smiled as she took in all that was on the tray. It smells divine but she was sure she couldn't finish all of it.

Lauren took a sip of her orange juice before digging in. She sliced the pancakes, took a forkful and fed it to Stanley.

"Thanks. I took a cup of coffee downstairs so I'm not hungry."

"Please." She pouted.

Stanley smiled and reluctantly opened his mouth to accept the pancake.

They made conversations as Lauren ate. She also ended up manipulating Stan into eating an equal share of her breakfast with her.

He collected the tray and set it aside as soon as she was done eating.

"Lauren, I want to ask you something" Stan whispered as he playfully scratched the back of his neck with his left hand.

"Sure, go ahead." She encouraged but she was quite nervous about what he had to say since he was also nervous.

"Do you mind moving in with me?"

"I know everything seems rushed but I cannot imagine myself not waking up next to you every morning. Honestly, I've become so attached to you that I want to spend every second of my existence with you."

"It's okay if you need time to think about it and I'll also understand if you want to wait till after our wedding before you move in with me, " Stan said.

He gave Lauren the opportunity to respond but she said nothing.

"I get it if you also refuse to move here because it reminds you of Rita. I can get us a new home of your choice." He said without hesitation.

"No...I mean, you don't have to buy a new house. I didn't respond on-time becaus

would get another assistant that would be as efficient as she is.

"Honestly Wrenny, I don't think anyone could meet up to your standards when it comes to being my assistant. You practically know what to do without me telling you what to do and how to do it. Letting you go is one of the hardest things I think I will never recover from but still, I want you to pursue your dream."

When Lauren came to Stanley for the interview as his personal assistant, She had no experience whatsoever but he was attracted to her because of her confidence and he decided to give her a shot which was probably one of the best decisions he has ever made in his life. She was a fast learner and picked up very quickly. She's also very smart and Stanley had no doubt she was going to do extremely well if she decided to pursue an artistic career.

Stan intertwined his hands with hers. "For the past two years you've helped me achieve my dreams with my company and now I want to help you achieve yours."

"Promise me you'll think about it." He said with pleading eyes.

Lauren didn't respond. Stan could see the conflict and reluctance in her eyes.

"We can always find a way to make things work."

Lauren looked at him questionly.

"You could work part-time for me, that way you won't miss out on anything. I can also hire an assistant for you. You will train her on all she needs to know and she would fill in for you when you have artistic duties. Just think about it and let me know what you decide."

Lauren heaved a sigh and finally nodded positively.

She hugged Stanley. "I'll think about it. Thank you."

"No need to thank me, sunshine. You're my woman and I'll always support you."

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