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   Chapter 20 Twenty

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Stanley watched the Queen of his heart as she slept peacefully. She cuddled up against him as if her life depended on it.

He smiled and caressed her long messy hair. He had no doubt that she was very tired; especially after the marathon they had overnight so he decided to let her sleep more.

He spent a few more minutes watching her sleep and praising himself for being so lucky to have such an amazing woman in his life. With Lauren by his side, nothing else matters.

After a while, Stanley gently untangled himself from her. He covered her properly with the duvet and placed a long kiss on her forehead.

Stan reached for his sweat pants and put them on. He reached for his phone on the nightstand and then made his way out of the bedroom.

Before starting breakfast, he decided to give Anita a call to ask for her help.

"Morning Ann" He greeted as soon as she picked up the call.

"Hermanito! Good morning dear" She returned his greetings.

Stanley rolled his eyes. Sometimes, he wished he was older than Anita so he would be able to tease the hell out of her but at the same time, he would never switch being Anita's younger brother for anything in the world. She was the best big sister he could ever ask for.

"I need your help, Ann." He said.

"Okay?!" She said, unsure.

"I proposed to Lauren yesterday night and she said Yes! So I need your help to plan a surprise engagement party so we can celebrate with our loved ones."

"Finally!!!!!!!!!" Anita screamed for joy.

"I was wondering when you were going to grow some balls and just ask her already. Even though I could see it in your eyes that you were nervous about the outcome, I knew Lauren was going to say Yes because she's crazy in love with you."

"Congratulations to you both. I'm so happy for you guys."

Stanley smiled. "Thank you"

"How I wished you popped the question at our parents' place last night but it's fine. How did she react when you asked her?" Anita asked excitedly, hoping to get all the details.

"She burst in happy tears. I guess she wasn't expecting it"

"Awwww, my poor sister in law. Make sure you take very good care of her. You'll have me to deal with if you hurt her in any way." She threatened.

Stanley smiled. It felt amazing hearing Anita call Lauren her Sister in law. She never for once called Rita that. In fact, they never got along to the extent of Ann threatening him not hurt her.

"Hurting Lauren is the last thing on my mind Sis. So you have nothing to be worried about." He assured.

"Good, I trust you."

"Now that you've informed me about the engagement party. I'll get to work on the planning. Perhaps you can stop by at my place tomorrow to see what I've come up with. Your opinions will be needed and Lauren's opinions too but we will ask for her opinion indirectly so she won't be suspicious."

"You will be inviting her mom and sister too right?"

"Yes, I will make arrangements for them to fly over. I'll drop by your place tomorrow and we will discuss everything."

"I need to go. I have breakfast to make for my Queen."

"Awww, who knew my brother could be soooo romantic." Anita teased.

"Where's she by the way?" She asked.

"She's still sleeping."

"Okay then. You two should take care and have fun. I love you both."

"Thanks, Ann. Love you too." Stanley ended the call and went ahead to start breakfast.


Lauren woke up with the best feeling ever. Well, except for the fact that she was a little sore down there, she was okay. She and Stanley found it hard to keep their hands off each other overnight.

Stanley was not by her side when she opened her eyes but she was sure he was somewhere around the house.

Lauren's lips curved into a proud smile when she took a look at her left finger and sighted the million-dollar jewell

ery. Heaven knows it was not how much the item costs that made her happy. Hell, she would have still been happy if Stanley gave her an engagement ring that costs only $50.

She was utterly grateful and blessed that he chose her to be his wife. She knew that Stan was madly in love with her but she never saw the proposal coming. At least not yesterday night. Lauren let out a chuckle as she remembered how she got too emotional yesterday but it all ended well.

The man she loved most in the world made passionate love to her and worshipped her body. She regained her lost self-esteem and felt like a woman again.

Lauren couldn't keep the good news to herself anymore so she went in search of her phone.

She threw on Stanley's comfy grey shirt that was beside her and rose to her feet. She ignored the soreness she felt down there and made her way to the sofa where her purse was. Then she took her phone and limped back to the bad.

Wrenny cuddled up on the bed and dialled her mom, Jennifer. They were an hour ahead in Arizona so her mom should very much be able to answer her call.

"Hi Mom, " Lauren said to the other side.

"You sound really excited? Tell me all about it." Jenny said excitedly; She knew her daughter so well.

Lauren blushed. "How do you know I have something to tell you? I might have just called to check up on you, you know."

Jenny laughed, "Oh, please. I know you care about me my love but I know this call is for something else. Besides, you never call me this early. At least not on a Sunday."

"So princess, I'm all ears."

"Fine. I'll tell you. Stanley proposed to me and I said yes." She smiled, admiring her left hand. She was also trying to get used to the ring being a part of her finger.

Lauren did not know if her mom put her on loudspeaker or Abby was eavesdropping, she had to put her phone away from her ear for a few seconds when she heard Abby scream.

"Yessssssssss!!! Finally!!! Congratulations Sissy."

"Let me guess, he bought you a Silver ring or is it gold, diamond, platinumjQuery21406451975041438771_1578783787687? Oh my gosh, I'm so happy for you Lauren. I'll be your one of your bridesmaids, right? I swear, I'll be good." Abigail said at a go.

Lauren laughed, her younger sister was so extra.

"Sorry about that honey. Abby is always eavesdropping. But no worries, I've gotten a hold of my phone back."

"Congratulations my love. I'm so happy for you." Jenny admitted.

"Thanks, Mom. I didn't get the reaction I was expecting from you but it's fine."

"What reaction were you expecting from me?" She asked amused.

"I don't know. Like Abby's reaction."

"You know I'm the calm one and Abby is like the opposite of me."

"Besides, he asked for my blessings." Jenny smiled even though her daughter could not see her.

"He asked for your permission to propose to me?" She asked, surprised.

"Yes, my love."

"He talked to me the night before you guys went back to California. So I knew he was going to pop the question. I just wasn't sure when he was going to do it."

Lauren's heart melted. She was proud of what Stanley did. The fact that he had asked her mom for her blessings meant a lot not only to Jenny but also to Lauren.

"I have no doubt you're the happiest on earth right now." Jenny teased her daughter.

"Yes, mom. I'm happy and beyond grateful." She confessed.

"I'm happier for you my child."

"Be good and continue to be you. A man like Stanley is truly hard to find and make sure you don't take him or his love for you for granted."

"Don't stop loving him, cherishing him and supporting him. Also, don't forget that good communication is necessary for a healthy relationship. I wish you and Stan all the happiness in the world. God bless you both.

Lauren smiled. "Thank you, Mom."

"You're welcome, my love." She replied.

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