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   Chapter 17 Seventeen

Virtuous Love By Symplyayisha Characters: 6876

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Just as predicted, it turned out to be a very busy day at the office. Stanley had meetings with a number of clients, his business partners and his lawyer.

The staff of Chatwin's Inc were also nice enough to surprise Stanley with cakes and gifts during lunchtime.

Despite how busy Stan was, Lauren made sure he had his lunch. It was his day and the best thing that could happen was for him to break his two meals per day rule.

It wasn't a rule that he intentionally made but due to stress and all other pressure around the company, Stanley hardly remembers to have lunch.

The day went by pretty fast and soon enough it was time for him and Lauren to go home.

Lauren walked into Stanley's office with both her handbag and laptop bag. Stan was seated on a chair behind his desk and he was on the phone. He gestured for Lauren to come sit on his lap and she did just that.

She placed her bags on the couch, made her way to where Stanley was and comfortably sat on his lap. Stanley wrapped his arms possessively around Lauren while he continued talking on the phone with one of his business partners.

Lauren played with Stan's hair until he was done with his conversation with the person on the other side.

He gave Lauren a quick kiss on her lips. "Thanks for this morning. I promise to never forget each and every detail of what happened." He said sincerely.

She smiled. "You're welcome."

"So, instead of patting ways this night, I was thinking you would spend the night with me at my apartment. I already made arrangements for Isaac to get your nightclothes and suit that you'll wear tomorrow."

Stanley arched his eyebrows. He was already liking the idea of what was about to happen.

"Don't give that look. I mean no harm and I won't force you to do anything you don't want to do. I just want to spend the rest of your day with you. Don't I deserve an all night cuddle for the surprise I gave you this morning?" She pouted.

"You know I will never say no to you my love." He kissed her cheek.

"Thanks! So let's get going." Sh

engraved words on the bracelet.

He smiled at Lauren, "Thank you!"

She returned his smile. "Don't thank me yet, there's still more in the bag."

Stanley reached for the other items in the gift bag and came across two knit ties which were in his favourite colours, a snuggly beanie and black T-shirt which had he and Lauren's initials (stanlaur), and a special frame that had he and Lauren's picture in it.

Stanley recognized the picture as one of the pictures they took on their trip to London. In the picture, Stanley had a huge smile on his face while Lauren was showering kisses on his cheek.

Happy tears welled up in Stan's eyes. He did not foresee all of today's surprises. Probably because this was his first time experiencing all that Lauren surprised him with.

He began to wonder how he got lucky to have a woman like Lauren in his life, So selfless and amazing. Her love for him is pure and second to none.

"I promise to buy the universe for you on your birthday." He smiled with happy tears in his eyes.

Lauren chuckled, "Don't be Silly. There's nothing I'll do with the universe, all I want is to be with you."

"And don't be a cry baby because you deserve all of these and even more! Happy birthday the king of my heart." She engulfed him in a hug.

"What will I do without you Lauren?" He muttered and placed a kiss on her shoulder.

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