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   Chapter 12 Twelve

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"Sorry for stepping in a little late, I was caught up with something important at the office." Stanley apologized sincerely as he walked into his lawyer's conference room where his lawyer, Elvis, Rita and Rita's lawyer, Dominique were all seated waiting for him.

Stan shook hands with his lawyer and Rita's whom he recognized to be her elder cousin before taking a seat beside his lawyer. And opposite them was Rita and Dominique.

"It's fine Stanley, myself and Rita just got here a few minutes ago, we haven't been waiting that long, " Dominique assured while Rita, on the other hand, had a bored expression on her face.

"So let's get right into business, " Elvis stated. "Rita, you contact me saying the settlement Stanley gave you is too small, " Elvis said so Stanley and Dominique could witness Rita truly contacted him.

"Yes, what Stanley is offering is not even up to a quarter of what he owns. I should be entitled to 50%" She defended.

"You're so ungrateful Rita, You're not even worth the 10% I offered you, " Stan spoke.

Both Dominique and Elvis tried to caution their clients not to turn the negotiations into a fight.

Even though Elvis and Stanley have concluded on what Stanley has to offer, Elvis asked Rita.

"You don't want more money. You just want 50% of what Stanley owns."

"If Stanley is willing and eager to leave me for someone else, then he should be willing to pay the price."

"So how much money do you want?" Stanley asked with an unreadable expression.

"How much do you love Lauren?" She asked him.

"I think I should be given an amount that outweighs or equals the love you have for her because I'm doing you a favour by freeing you to go be with her." She completed with a smirk on her face.

Her smirk turned into a frown when Dominique, her lawyer shot her a glare. She couldn't believe Rita would still behave like this or have the guts to say all what she just said after everything she discussed with her yesterday.

"Please ignore everything my client said. She's ready to sign the divorce papers with or without the 10% settlement." Dominique said to Elvis and Stanley while Rita gave her the "Are you for real look"

"Because you rejected the 10%, my Client has decided not to give you anything as settlement, " Elvis announced.

"What? That's bullshit. You married me legally and I'm entitled to 50% of what you own upon divorce."

"I don't see that happening. I worked very hard to achieve all that I own today. I didn't get anything from you during the time we were married, not even some emotional support so I see no reason why you should be entitled to 50% of anything." Stan explained.

"Because you don't have a permanent job and because Stanley has cut you off

t the judge decide which will most likely not be in her favour as she will not only end up not receiving a dime from me but also be ordered to pay damages to me for everything she's done to me."

"So she had no choice but to sign. I'm glad my lawyer also reminded her about her obligations concerning the restraining order. If she doesn't abide by it, she will end up behind bars."

Lauren intertwined her hands with Stanley's own. "I'm so relieved."

"Me too! I feel like a huge burden has been taken off my chest and for the first time in so many years, I can breathe freely."

"I feel free and I'm happy because the universe has given me a second chance to pursue happiness and that's you."

He caressed Lauren's cheek. "I can now focus on us and give you my undivided attention."

Lauren blushed. "You also have work to focus on." She reminded.

Stanley shrugged. "Work will have to take a step back for you. You're my happiness and you come first in my priorities."

Lauren smiled, "You know how to make me feel special."

He returned her smile. "That's the goal because you are very special to me."

Stan took Lauren's hands in his. "I know I asked you for a chance and you've agreed to give me a chance but I haven't made us official and I want to do so now."

"Lauren, will you please be my Girlfriend? I promise to make you happy and be one of the best boyfriends the universe has ever produced."

"Pleaseeeeeeee!" He pouted.

Lauren let out a satisfied laugh. It felt amazing seeing Stanley this way, he was so cute.

"I will be honoured to be your girlfriend Stan." She replied him with so much adoration in her eyes.

"Thanks, my love." He grinned before giving her a long passionate kiss.

"How about we go for our first date tonight?" He suggested after they pulled away from the kiss.

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