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   Chapter 11 Eleven

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As soon as Lauren stepped out of the shower, She heard the sound of the doorbell. She had no doubts it was Stanley. She proceeded to her bed to pick up her already laid out comfy nightdress and put them on.

Then she made her way out of her bedroom to answer the door.

As soon as Lauren opened the door, Stanley picked her up by surprise and spin her around.

"Stan!" She whisper yelled his name in between giggles.

Stan finally placed her on her feet and gave her a long passionate kiss.

"I missed you." He pouted.

"But you saw me about four hours ago and you called me thirty minutes ago to check up on me." She caressed his face with a smile on her face.

Stanley shrugged. "But I still miss you."

Lauren chuckled. "I think you're becoming clingy."

He grinned. " I wouldn't use the word 'Clingy'. Let's just say I'm possessive of you."

"I'm addicted to you and I just want to be around you all the time." He justified.

She smiled, "You always know what to say to make me feel special. Thank you."

"Anything for you my Queen." He kissed her cheek.

"So I guess the meeting with your parents went well." She asked.

Stanley led Lauren to the living room, got settled on the couch and then made her sit on his lap.

"Yes, it went well. I explained everything to them and now they are aware of Rita's deeds."

"How did they take the news?" She asked concerned.

"They were shocked, Mom was also in tears because I kept everything to myself and I had to endure all the pain alone. But I made her and Dad understand that you and Anita were always there for me"

Lauren nodded.

She fiddled with her hands. "My name must have come up in the discussion. I hope your mom and Dad are fine with me being with you?" Lauren asked hopefully. She knew Stanley adored and respect his parents and their approval means a lot to her. The last thing she wants is for his parents to think she's after their son because of his status.

Stanley smiled. He reached for her hand and kissed it. "You worry too much my love."

"Apparently my Dad already knew you like me. He saw you at his birthday party. Turns out you couldn't stop staring at me with so much adoration in your eyes."

Lauren blushed.

Stanley chuckled and made her look at him. "My parents are absolutely okay with me being with you. I know you've met them before but they are looking forward to meeting you again as the love of my life and woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. Therefore, they've extended an invitation to you to attend our family dinner."

Lauren looked at Stanley with her eyebrow raised.

"I'm not making up stories I promise and this time, the invitation came from them. They specifically requested me to bring you for dinner." He assured.

Lauren heaved a silent sigh of relief. "I'm happy and nervous." She confessed.

Stan caressed her hands, "There's nothing to be nervous about. My parents are the sweetest set of people you'll ever meet. You'll be fine."

"And incase my mom ask if you are interested in seeing some old p

all over the world and spending his money lavishly."

"The sad thing you don't know is that you can be forced to sign the divorce papers without getting any settlement."

"What? That's unfair?" Rita said with a look of horror.

"Yes, it's true and very possible. That's what Stanley should have done because you don't deserve any pity."

"I was even thinking what had happened will bring you back to your senses but it just proves to me that you can never change."

"Instead of you to have peacefully signed the papers and accepted the small settlement given to you. Make use of it to start afresh and repent from your bad ways. You didn't think of that, instead, you went crazy, demanding for more when you actually don't deserve anything."

"I've scheduled a meeting with Stanley's lawyer at noon tomorrow and you'll be signing those divorce papers with or without any settlement, " Dominique commanded.

"What? You can't force me to do what I don't want to!"

"Oh, we shall see about that."

"Then you're fired, I'll get another lawyer." Rita voiced out.

"I swear, I will sue your bloody ass if you do, " Dominique said with gritted teeth.

"A restraining order has also been filed against you to stay away from Stanley, his family and Lauren."

"You did what is right by moving out of Stanley's place before you're forced to and If you ever go close to Lauren, Stanley or his family, I will personally hand you over to the police."

"Are you for real?" Rita asked surprised, she was shocked Dominique, her own blood cousin was not on her side at all.

"You just try me and see if you will not end up in jail, " Dominique assured.

Dominique knows very well that she was supposed to be acting in Rita's interest and not threaten her or force her to do anything she doesn't want. The truth is just that, Dominique has had enough of Rita, She has put Stanley through a lot and now that he has finally found true love, the poor guy deserves to be happy. And on the other hand, Rita needs to be taught a lesson.

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