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   Chapter 9 Nine

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An hour later.

Stanley got down from his car, reached for the items he bought in the backseat and then made his way to the entrance of Lauren's apartment.

He pressed the doorbell and waited for her to open up which she did in a few seconds.

Before he uttered a word, Lauren closed the gap between the two of them and pulled Stanley into a tight hug. She buried her face in his chest, shut her eyes for a while and inhaled his scent.

Stanley could not return the hug fully because of the plastic bag he was holding. But he kissed her forehead and caressed her long smooth hair.

Even though his heart melted at Lauren's gesture, he knew he was missing something.

Lauren finally released him from the hug and then she tiptoed and gave him a kiss on his lips.

It was only after Lauren pulled away from the hug that she realized Stanley was putting on casual clothes instead of his office clothes. She wasn't in her office clothes either because he appeared at her apartment an hour earlier.

As if Stanley could read her mind, he spoke, "Fortunately, Mr Lonnie facetimed me this morning. Something came up and he wouldn't be able to make it to the meeting this afternoon but we were able to discuss a few things via our facetime."

"So I thought I would spend the rest of the day with you. I brought something we could munch on." He gestured to the plastic bag he was holding.

Lauren collected the plastic bag from him and then ushered him in.

She placed the bag on the centre table in the living room, made Stanley sit on the couch and then sat on his lap.

"What's wrong my love." He asked concerned.

Lauren sighed and then cupped Stanley's face with her hands.

"Why didn't you tell me Rita was this cruel?" She asked as tears started welling up in her eyes.

"Oh my, Did she?" Stanley was about to get angry but Lauren calmed him down.

"She was here this morning." She explained.

"That woman, after I warned her to stay away from you." Stan ran his fingers through his hair, getting frustrated.

"She didn't lay a finger on you, right? Did she say anything to hurt you?" Stanley asked, looking into her glossy eyes with his worried ones.

Lauren reached for Stanley's hands and kissed it. "She didn't lay a finger on me. She came here to offer me a ridiculous deal to stay away from you."

"She mentioned that she got rid of your child, I'm so sorry about that." A tear i

just an ordinary girl who loves you, I may not have much or come from a rich home but I promise to be faithful to you, make you happy and shower you with so much love." She promised.

Stanley was smiling like crazy by the time Lauren finished talking. His heart swelled with so much pride and he felt fulfilled knowing she just officially announced she was giving him the chance he asked her for.

He pulled Lauren closer to him and gave her a long passionate kiss. They only pulled away when they were out of breath.

Lauren rested her head against Stan's chest and he kissed her forehead.

"Thank you for giving me a chance my love, I promise you won't regret it."

Lauren removed her head from his chest and smiled at him. "I know."

Then her expression changed to that of a serious one.

"I'm not comfortable with you staying in the same house with Rita." She confessed.

"She's really desperate about not losing you and once an individual is desperate, he or she can do anything. Please be careful." Lauren pleaded.

"On my way downstairs for coffee this morning, I saw one of the maids parking her stuff so no doubt she's leaving the mansion soon. Though she wasn't around then but I had no idea she would be over here, causing you trouble. I'm sorry."

Lauren intertwined her hands with Stanley's own. "It's fine. I'm glad she came over, I gave her a piece of my mind and warned her to stay away from us."

Stanley and Lauren spent the rest of the day in Lauren's apartment. They spent their time cuddling, watching movies, eating and they also engaged in interesting conversations.

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