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   Chapter 8 Eight

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Since she had no work-related issues to attend to until noon, Lauren decided to pamper herself by sleeping to her satisfaction. She woke up at a few minutes after nine and decided to do some cleaning, have breakfast and then get ready for work because Stanley will be coming to pick her up for their meeting at noon.

Lauren had hardly started cleaning her apartment when she heard the sound of the doorbell.

It took her by surprise because she wasn't expecting anyone at this time.

She abandoned what she was doing and went to answer the door.

Her heartbeat increased when she came face to face with the person that was at the door.


Before she could ask what Rita was doing at her place. Rita pushed Lauren aside and made her way into her apartment.

Lauren heaved a sigh and shut the door.

She approached Rita who was already in her living room.

"You can't come to my apartment and barge in as if it's yours. You could have at least waited until I told you to come in." Lauren said with her arms folded.

Rita let out a bitter laugh and placed her handbag on the couch close to her.

"The last time I was here, you could hardly look into my eyes or talk back at me. Don't think you have the right to disrespect me just because Stanley has started fucking you. You and I are not mates."

Lauren ignored her statement. "What do you want?" She demanded.

"You must be very happy because you've succeeded in seducing my husband. He has asked for a divorce but what he doesn't understand is that I won't allow him to get rid of me easily."

"I wondered what you did or told Stanley that made him hate me so much. I remember the first time we met, he was head over heels for me and was ready to buy the universe for me. He proposed to me and I became the happiest woman in the world. But you walked into our lives and destroyed a happy home."

"I won't stand here and watch you say false things about me. You never cared about or love your husband, you never had a happy home therefore I didn't destroy anything." Lauren countered.

Even though Lauren was quite scared on the inside, she wouldn't show it to Rita. She was tired of being manipulated by her.

"I see....." Rita mumbled. She was so

care a bit about him and now you're running helter-skelter because he asked you for a divorce."

"You broke your home yourself, Rita. You took for granted all that you had and it is all your fault and your loss."

"I really care about Stanley's happiness and hurting him is the very last thing on my mind."

"I'm hereby promising you that I'll love, cherish and protect him, I will make him happy all the time, I will never do anything to harm his baby and most importantly, I reject your offer. You and your money can go to hell."

Lauren said at a go. She was surprised she even said this much but she was happy she let it all out. Guess you have to step out of your comfort zone to defend and protect the ones you love.

Rita's face was red, Lauren could almost see smoke coming out of her ear. She never expected that reply.

"You'll regret talking to me like that and rejecting my offer, " Rita said with gritted teeth.

Lauren let out a satisfied laugh. "Gone are those days when your threats freak me out. Sorry to burst your Ego, Miss Rita, I see nothing but empty threats. You cannot do anything to me because Stanley got my back."

"Don't you ever come close to me or to my apartment ever again. You can now take your leave. I've got important things to attend to." Lauren said with her arms folded, waiting for Rita to get the fuck out of her apartment.

Rita cursed silently before picking up her handbag and seeing herself out, slamming the door behind her.

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