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   Chapter 7 Seven

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Stanley heaved a tired sigh as soon as he drove into his mansion and sighted Rita's car.

She finally decided to come back after being away for about a month and a half.

Stan parked his car in his usual spot and he was welcomed by the Butler, Moses.

"Good evening Sir." Moses greeted.

"Evening, Moses, " Stan responded as he came down from the car.

"When did Rita come back?" He asked, pointing to one of her cars that were parked close to his.

"She came back two days ago Sir, " Moses responded.

Stanley nodded.

"Please have my luggage transferred to my room." He said to Moses before making his way into the mansion.

Stanley checked for Rita in both living rooms downstairs, he checked her in the kitchen too but she was not there.

One of the maids finally told him that Rita was relaxing in the living room upstairs so he made his way there.

From the hallway upstairs, he could hear Rita's voice. She was talking and laughing on the phone.

Stanley walked in to where she was. She was lying on her back, on the sofa while answering her phone call.

Rita smiled as soon as she sighted him.

"Let me call you back Sandra, I have something important to attend to, " Rita said to the person on the other side.

Stanley shook his head in disbelief upon hearing the phrase she used. 'Something important'

"Hi love, " She smiled and made her way to Stanley but before she could come any closer to him, he stopped her by raising a hand.

He was tired of her fake gestures; she acting as if she cares when in reality she hardly gives a shit about him.

She didn't even inform him she was travelling before left. But he wasn't mad about that, he was used to her leaving the house and coming back anytime she likes.

Rita rolled her eyes at Stan "I was just trying to be nice." She mumbled before making her way back to the sofa.

Stanley ignored her.

"We need to talk." He announced as he took a seat opposite Rita and She muttered something he didn't quite catch.

"Sorry?" He dared her to repeat what she said so he could hear.

"Nothing, what do you want to talk about?" She asked with an innocent face.

"It's time we put an end to whatever is between the two of us. You don't love me and I don't love you so it's best we go our separate ways."

"My lawyer will get the divorce papers across to me tomorrow. Once I lay my hands on them, I'll sign them and make sure you have them so you can tender your signature."

Rita let out a bitter chuckle.

"Are you breaking up with me because of your so-called personal assistant? That tramp? That gold digger? That bitch?"

"Don't you dare call her any of those nasty names." Stanley rose to his feet, trying to control his anger.

"I will continue to call her that because that is exactly what she is. She's a homewrecker. No doubt you've been fucking her, that's why you have the guts to take her sides over your legally wedded wife." Rita responded.

"Don't push me with your bitter and untrue words, Rita, because you aren't innocent either, " Stan warned.

"Lauren has nothing to do with whatever is happening or will happen between the two of us and if you love yourself, Stay away from her. If you ever go six feet close to her to threaten her or call her names or even lay


Stanley got to his room and saw that Moses had already brought his bags in. He unloaded the bags and arranged every item where they were meant to be, including the dirty clothes he brought back from his trip.

After sorting out every item, he took a shower and changed into a pair of clean sweat pants. He reached for his phone and saw Lauren's missed call. He called her back immediately.

"Hey, Sorry I missed your call." He said to the other side.

"It's fine. I was just going through your schedule and unfortunately, I realized you have a meeting with a new investor tomorrow at 1:30 pm."

Stan facepalmed. "I totally forgot about that. You can use the morning hours to rest and I'll pick you up at 12:30 so we can attend the meeting."

"No problem. Have you had dinner?" She asked him.

"No." He replied immediately.

"You're not hungry?"

"Kind of. I lost my appetite."

"You should eat something, you only had pancakes all day." She pleaded.

"I will. I will tell the chef to bring me something to eat."

"Rita is back." He blurted out.

The conversation was silent for a while.

"D...Did you talk to her?" Lauren asked nervously.

"I did."

"I made her understand that me and her are over and that she will get the divorce papers tomorrow."

Stan could feel Lauren getting worried.

"How did she take the news?" Lauren asked concerned even though she had an idea of what could have happened. She knew Rita would not have taken the news well, perhaps Rita would have even started planning how to deal with her.

"I honestly don't care how she took the news because she deserved all that is coming upon her. I made her understand you have nothing to do with my breakup with her."

"There's nothing to worry about Lauren. Rita will never come close to you, I promise."

"I hope so!" She muttered.

"Anyways, thanks for all the shopping you did for me yesterday."

"Lauren!" Stanley groaned.

"How many times do you want to thank me?" he added.

Lauren chuckled. "It's not every day I get free gifts from someone so, I've got to thank you a million times." She justified.

Stanley smiled, "You're welcome love."

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