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   Chapter 4 Four

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Stanley was on the phone, discussing business with one of his partners when Lauren walked into his office with some documents and a notepad diary.

He smiled at her and ushered her to take a seat by pointing towards the double couch on the far end of his office.

Stan talked to his partner for a few more minutes before he ended the call.

With a smile on his face, he rose to his feet and made his way towards Lauren. He placed a kiss on her right cheek before taking a seat beside her.

His gesture made her blush and she avoided looking into his eyes.

Stan chuckled, 'She's so cute'

He leaned closer to her and said. "There's nothing to be shy about my love. I want you to start getting used to it because I'll be showering you with so much love."

"But we need to be careful." She whispered.

Stanley nodded, understanding what she meant.

Any third party could think something else if they walk in on them and see them extremely cosy. Especially when the world thinks Stanley and Rita are still very much in love.

"I will be careful, " he promised.

"But I won't be showing my affection to you only in secret for long. Once I set things straight with Rita, I want the world to know I'm into you. I'll not give up until you officially agree to give me a chance." He said sincerely with a hint of possessiveness in his voice.

Lauren nodded slowly.

"I was thinking we could go through the notes from today's meeting and also go over your schedule for the next two weeks." She said.

"What do you think about the company we had a meeting with this afternoon. Do you think we should do business with them?" He asked.

Lauren opened her mouth to say something but words failed her. She was surprised he was asking her opinion on something very important. A decision that can either make or break his company.

Though, this was not the first time Stanley will be asking about her opinion on work-related matters. But this is his first time asking if he should or should not do business with certain investors.

Lauren swallowed painfully and finally said, "I don't think I should have a say in that, Stan. You know what's best for the company. You've always made the best decisions and the ones that end up being a mistake, we learn from them." She said truthfully.

Stanley ignored her reply. "What do you think about them? I really want to know." He asked interested. He has thought things through concerning doing or not doing business with them but he wanted to know what she thinks.

"Not that my opinion really matters but I don't have a good feeling about those people." She finally said.

Stanley smiled. "Turns out we feel the same way. I was thinking of rejecting their proposal too. It just doesn't feel right doing business with them."

"Are you sure? You're not saying this because of my statement right?" Lauren looked into his eyes.

Stan reached for her right hand and kissed it. "I was thinking of not doing business with them. I just wanted a second opinion about it. Our conscience cannot be wrong."

"I'll go over their proposal one more time and then get back to them." He said and she nodded.

"How is my Sunday like? I mean this coming Sunday." He asked.

Lauren took a look at the diary she was holding.

"You have a meeting with Mr Hayes of Parkers Inc at 2 pm."

Stanley nodded, remembering he pushed his meeting with Mr Hayes to Sunday.

"Would you accompany me to dinner at my sister's place on Sunday evening?" Stanley asked, playfully scratching the back of his neck.

Even though Lauren was his assistant, he had never taken her to any of his family dinners except for the elaborate occasion which

she had to attend because of her work relationship with Stan. And some times, Stanley's Father, Kelvin insists Stanley brings Lauren to such occasions.

The old man had taken a liking to Lauren since the day his son introduced her as his personal assistant. It was as if the old man saw something that was yet unknown to the duo.

"Dinner? Isn't that meant for family only?" She asked nervously.

"Anita told me to bring you along so you're coming with me." He said politely. He lied, but Anita will be happy to see her anyways.

Stanley knew Lauren will find an excuse not to attend the dinner if he didn't tell the white lie. (Anita insisting she must come)

"She invited me?" Lauren asked unbelievably, looking at her Boss suspiciously.

"I can call her so you'll talk to her since you don't want to believe me, " Stanley said, reaching for his phone.

"No, " She stopped him.

"It's fine, I'll come with you since Anita wants me to." She said and Stanley smiled proudly. His family needs to start getting used to her presence.

As far as Lauren could remember, Anita was always nice to her so the least she could do was to honour her invitation.

"I hope you haven't forgotten about your trip to the UK next week. We shall be leaving on Monday evening." She reminded.

"Sure, I haven't forgotten, " he confirmed.

Stanley has some work-related matters to attend to in London and like always, Lauren was going with him.

"Before I forget, I need to give you something." Stan rose to his feet and went over to the drawer by his desk.

He came back almost immediately to where Lauren was seated, he was holding a portable jewellery box.

Lauren gave him a confused look as he took a seat beside her.

"I've had this with me for almost six weeks now. I had it specifically made for you and I hope you like it."

He handed the small square box to her.

Lauren accepted the jewellery box with a confused look on her face.

She took a glance at Stanley and he nodded, encouraging her to open it.

She opened it with shaky hands and came across the most beautiful bracelet she has ever seen. Her name "Lauren" was engraved on it.

Her eyes watered.

She closed the box and was about to hand it back to Stanley but he stopped her.

"'s beautiful but I can't accept it, It's too much for me. What if I misplace it?" She justified.

Stanley smiled, "You won't misplace it, I promise. Forget about how much it costs. This is my first gift to you and I want you to keep it."

Stanley has always been tempted to buy Lauren gifts but he didn't because he didn't want to scare her away so instead, he gives her salary bonus from time to time.

Before Lauren changes her mind about accepting the precious bracket, Stanley reached for it and wore it on her left wrist.

"You must not remove it." He pleaded/threatened.

Lauren nodded positively, admiring the bracelet on her wrist. It fits her like a second skin and the item brought more glow to her skin.

"I love it, Thank you." She said shyly as her lips curved into a small smile.

Stanley smiled, He leaned closer to her and kissed her forehead. "You're welcome"

"I hope you know there's no need to be shy around me." Stan voiced out.

"I'm not shy." Lauren blushed a little and looked away.

Stanley chuckled and made her look at him. "I noticed your behaviour today, You were a little reserved and you avoided looking into my eyes."

"I love you for who you are Lauren, Please continue to be yourself around me. The expression of my feelings for you shouldn't change anything. You're an amazing woman."

"No more being shy, okay?" he said.

"Noted." She smiled

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