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   Chapter 459 Extra Story——Lewis And Ina 47

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 10209

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After staying at home for another two days, she said goodbye to her grandparents in the countryside and then they got on the plane to leave. But they didn't expect that it was so coincident that they were sitting next to Adele on the plane. However, Lewis turned a blind eye to Adele. After greeting Adele, Ina closed her eyes and leaned back in her seat. Seeing that her eyes were closed, he took out a blanket and gently covered Ina. Then he closed his eyes and went to sleep. In fact, it wasn't long since he flew to G City. He could have killed time by reading newspapers. But because he didn't want to have any contact with Adele, even just a glance or sitting beside him when he was sober, he couldn't stand it. So he'd better sleep!

After a good night's sleep, they arrived in G City. He woke up Ina in advance. Carrying two small suitcases, they slowly walked out of the room. They saw Adele was carrying two or three large suitcases, walking with difficulty. After seeing this, Ina pulled his hand and said, "Lewis, we are from the same place and we went to the same college for four years. You should help her. Otherwise, it will be very embarrassing. Please help her! Don't delay it! Adele, let my husband help you carry the suitcases. "

Adele looked up at Lewis happily. When she was about to say yes, she heard him say, "Do I have nothing to do? Do I have great strength? You want me to help others? You think your man is a free labor? You should worry about me. If you make me exhausted one day, how can you marry such an excellent husband like me? Since we couldn't handle our own business, how could we have time to help others! Ina, did you have your eyes bitten by a rat? Are you blind? Let's go! "

"But we only have two small suitcases. I can carry them by myself. Do you think it is heavy enough for a man to carry one small suitcase? She is just a girl. Why don't you help her? We are still friends! How can we meet each other in future? "

"Who says that I only carry one small suitcase? I'm taking the most precious things with me. " He showed his hand which was holding Ina's hand to Adele and gave her an angry stare. "Leave now? Do you think I'm free? Uncle Jenna and his family are waiting for us outside. They don't like being late and the most important thing they care about is time! If we let them wait for a long time, it's not a big deal for me. This is the first time you meet Uncle Jenna, Aunt Miranda. Do you want to leave a bad impression on them? "

"Well... We'd better leave now! Although they are not your parents, they are as important as your parents! Let's go! " This time, Ina was very anxious and she dragged Lewis to run out of the room.

Adele stood there and saw Ina drag Lewis out of the room. With a stamp of her foot, she knew that Ina was a woman with a double face. She thought Ina really wanted to help her, but Ina just pretended! Humph, Ina, I'll definitely take Lewis back. Just cry somewhere else! But Lewis, how dare you do this to me? The more you don't want Ina to know about our stor

hat girls are more thoughtful. But you just wouldn't let me have another baby! Jenna, you must have regretted it now, right? Look at Ina, she's so adorable. I really want to have a daughter like her! I gave birth to a son, but he was not with me every day. Even if he came back occasionally, he left without eating time. Alas... "

"I don't know who always praised her son in front of neighbors, and when she heard others praised him, she was complacent! Oh, what's wrong with our son now? "

"It is all because of you. I will be happier if I have a daughter! Our daughter will at least stay at home with me, but what about our son? He's always too busy to go home! "

"Are you sure you will be happy if we have a daughter? Carter was the only person who gave birth to a daughter among us. Now his beloved daughter has been staying at home with him? But she went abroad all day long. Now she could not get back even if Carter wanted to let her come back, It's impossible for his daughter to come back occasionally to accompany them. Do you still think it's good? You should be content with your excellent son. Even if you go back to live in Riyadh, you will still be proud! "

"Haha! " Looking at the sweet quarrel between the two people, Lewis and Ina could not help but laugh. Ina said in a hurry, "Yes, Aunt Miranda, you are lucky to have a son as powerful as Richie. That's the best! Others would never be able to raise such a powerful son! I think he is a good man! He is handsome, smart and rich. The most important thing is that he is a gentleman. He will find a perfect daughter-in-law for you in the future! Then you will have a daughter. "

"Well, I want my daughter-in-law. But I don't know how long I have to wait for! Christine... Even your Uncle Carter couldn't control her, let alone Richie. But Christine is a nice girl. We all like her. But Christine doesn't like Richie, she is a girl with no feelings for him at all. Perhaps they still have a long way to go! Don't be so anxious! " Miranda couldn't help but sigh.

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