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   Chapter 457 Extra Story of Lewis and Ina 45

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It turned out that Ina did love Lewis very much. She was fine when she just came back for one or two days. But as time went by, she couldn't stand it anymore. Every day, she would sit in front of her room's window and look at the vegetable garden outside. Every time there was some noise outside the door, she would think it was Lewis who came, but she was disappointed again. But she knew that there was only a few days left before his graduation. He must be busy with his graduation thesis, including Ina's graduation certificate.

But how could he do this? He didn't come to see her, what's worse, he didn't even make a phone call to her. Did he still want her to forgive him with such an attitude? 'No, I will never forgive you all my life!'

But at this moment, there was a sudden noise at the door. Ina couldn't help but popped her head out of the door, only to find that it was her grandmother. Disappointedly, she drooped her head and sat there, downhearted.

As for Lewis, who was also suffering from lovesickness at school, he looked listless every day. But the students started to talk about it, they were all discussing why Lewis would be such a lovelorn man, but Ina Liu hadn't come to school for so long. There must be something wrong between them.

But after that, Lewis went to Ina's department to apply for her graduation certificate. People began to know that he had not broken up with her. If they had broken up, how could he still apply for her graduation certificate? But no one knew what had happened. They just suspected that there must be some conflict between them.

After a long time, a student finally told them what was going on, because the student happened to see that Ina was taken away by someone with a very weak look on her face, and news about her illness had been spread around the city. But no one knew what was wrong with her, because she was so mysterious.

However, although what he said was unintentional, the eavesdroppers were thoughtful. 'What a coincidence!' Adele thought. Ina was in hospital on the day when Lewis lost the game. It was clear that the two must have had a quarrel. But who knew for what? Would Ina be sent to the hospital because of her quarrel with Lewis?

That's great! It's the best time for her. Ina must be very angry with Lewis, so she didn't go to school these days. As long as she added fuel to the fire, Lewis would definitely break up with Ina.

Adele was happy for this thought, but she couldn't find Ina. She was so worried that she didn't know where Ina was.

Ina didn't return to school until the eve of her graduation. Of course she missed her graduation ceremony. The next day, after the graduation, Lewis went to the countryside to find Ina.

Ina was waiting for him every day. When she suddenly saw Lewis, she was overjoyed, but soon she realized that she couldn't let him be so proud, so she deliberately turned into the room with a straight face and ignored him. Lewis couldn't guess Ina's mind, so he had to sit there and look at Ina's room door, but he didn't dare to go in

d smiled at her, "Sit in the living room. The smoke is too strong. It's bad for your health. Don't worry. I'll cook some delicious food for you. I won't disturb your taste bud! "

Ina nodded with a smile, and then went back to the living room. Soon, Lewis served three main dishes and a bowl of soup. Every dish was her favorite. There were fried shrimps, shredded pork with fish fragrance, Stewed Beef Brisket with potatoes, and vegetable soup, which were so light and delicious that Ina couldn't help but have two bowls of rice. Ina had the best appetite for the meal since her miscarriage.

Seeing that Ina enjoyed her meal so much, Lewis was also happy. He also ate two bowls of rice and cleaned up all the dishes on the table. After dinner, Lewis went upstairs with her. After taking a bath, Ina lay down on her bed reading while Lewis was busy packing his things.

Ina was a little puzzled, so she asked, "Lewis, why are you packing? Where are you going? "

Lewis raised his head and smiled at Ina, "I haven't told you before. Actually, I have found my job in G city for a long time. I was admitted to the college before, but I didn't tell you. So I practice in double school. I will work in G city after graduation. My position letters have been sent, asking me to take office as soon as possible, so we won't live here in the future, and we will move to G city. "

"What? Are you going to work in G city? Why didn't you tell me before? What about my grandparents after we go to G city? They are not as young as us. We can't leave them. "

"Don't worry. We'll go to G city first. When we get everything done there, we'll take grandpa and grandma to live with us. Haven't grandpa and grandma lived in G city before? They should be able to adapt to it. My job is a public job. I can't resign! Besides, we are still young. G city is a very good place for us to develop. We can go there. "

"But I'm really worried about grandpa and grandma's health! They are not young anymore. It will be bad if they are not used to the climate there! "

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