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   Chapter 456 Extra Story of Lewis and Ina 44

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 10043

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Bella sighed and went away, but Lewis was still at a loss. However, when he saw Ina lying in the ward alone, he remembered what Bella had said to him. He thought as a man, if he couldn't take the blow, how would Ina feel safe with him by her side? At the thought of this, he pushed the door open and walked in, standing right next to Ina.

This time, Ina slept for a long time. When she woke up, it was getting dark again. Ina took a look at the outside and took a breath. Then the fragments of pictures flashed through her mind like a roller coaster. She covered her belly suddenly and froze.

Lying on the edge of her bed, Lewis seemed to be asleep, but Ina's move snapped him back to reality. When he saw Ina wake up, he grabbed her hand and asked in a shocked voice, "Ina, you're awake! Excellent! Ina, do you feel uncomfortable? Tell me, and you can tell me everything! "

"Lewis..." Ina's voice was hoarse, which made her frown, but she still insisted on asking, "Lewis, where is the child? Our baby! I had a nightmare. I fell down. I dreamed about our baby... Tell me! Is the baby still in my belly? Right? "

Looking down at Ina holding his wrist tightly, he only felt that every single word of her was slapping on his face. He knew Ina was as painful as he was, but she wasn't that easy to accept the fact. She hurt much more than he did. But he had to let Ina face it. He couldn't keep burying her in a lie. "Ina, we are still young and we will have many children in the future. Don't be sad, okay?"

His words broke all of Ina's fantasies. She pushed him away and roared, "No! You lied to me, you lied to me, you cheated me! No, it couldn't be! It's our first child. I don't allow you to curse it, I don't allow it! My baby is alive. It was in my womb yesterday... " Ina clutched her belly hard, closed her eyes in despair, and tears began to roll down her cheeks.

How could it be possible? She just knew about his existence a short time ago. How could he have died in such a short time? It must be a lie! Yes, it must be a joke. The child must be still in her belly. It would not disappear. It would not be! It would not be!

Ina suddenly lifted the quilt and was about to jump off the bed to run out, but she was suddenly held back by Lewis. She cried, "Ina, don't be like this! What would you do? Don't run around! The doctor didn't allow you to move. Listen to me! "

"No, I want to find my child! Lewis, you must be lying to me. My child doesn't leave me. It doesn't! He will never leave me in this way! It's impossible! " Ina struggled frantically in an attempt to get rid of him. "Let go of me, Lewis. I want to find my child! Let me go! Let me go! "

"Ina, the baby is dead. That's the truth! I'm so sad and heartbroken that the child even left me without knowing it. Ina, don't be like this. I have no child now, so I can't lose you again! We will be fine. We will have many lovely children in the future. Please, don't be like this, I'm really scared. Ina, be obedient,

looked at Lewis, "Grandpa, grandma, how could I let you take care of me here? How about I go back and stay in the countryside for a few days? The air there is fresh, and I can get away from here as well. By the way, I can take a walk. As for you, Lewis. You're going to graduate soon. Stay here and help me apply for my graduation certificate. I'll stay in the countryside for a few days, and then you can pick me up and come back."

"Ina, I..." Lewis didn't want Ina to go. But he didn't know how to persuade her to stay.

Ina knew what was on his mind, so she said, "Don't worry about me. I'll be fine with grandparents taking care of me. I just went back for a few days. When I get better, I will come back. Don't forget to pick me up. "

"I'll pick you up later. Grandma and grandpa, please take care of Ina. When I'm done with my work, I'll pick up Ina right away. I'm so sorry to let you worry about us. "

"As long as you two get along well with each other!" Mrs. Carol took good care of Ina, which relieved Lewis a lot.

Ina stayed in the hospital for a few more days before she went back with her grandparents. When she came back, Lewis took a lot of things with her. After placing them in order and telling the nanny how to use them, he left with relief. Before he left, he said, "Ina, wait for me. I'll get you a diploma. I'll pick you up in a couple of days. You must come home with me."

Ina nodded, but she didn't look back at him. He knew that he really broke her heart this time, so he didn't dare to ask her to forgive him in a short time. But still, she was too cold towards him. He sighed and left here dispiritedly.

However, even though she refused to admit that she still couldn't forget him, she really loved him very much in her heart. However, she was really sad this time, and was unable to face him for a while. That was why she wanted to escape and come back to live with her grandparents. Maybe she would miss him very much if she hadn't seen him for a few days.

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