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   Chapter 447 Extra Story of Lewis and Ina 35

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Ina nodded her head shyly and said, "I agree!"

Taking a deep breath, Joyce replied, "Okay. Then we'll get it done as soon as possible. But Ina, you need to inform your family. I know that you still have your grandparents at home. Since we will be a family in the future, we still need to have such a meal together. You should apologize to your grandparents first. Lewis, did you hear that? "

Lewis nodded, turned to look at Ina, held her hands tightly, and said firmly, "Ina, don't worry, I will keep my words and marry you! Even if your grandparents hurt me this time, I will never give up! "

Looking at the determined look in his eyes, Ina was relieved. She nodded and said, "I believe you, Lewis! No matter what happens in the future, I will stay with you. We will be together forever! "

As long as Joyce and Aaron saw that the two children were so happy together, they couldn't wait to see them get married. In that case, as parents, they naturally hoped that they could be happy.

The next morning, the Ye Family's people had prepared everything and went to Ina's home. Sitting in the car, Ina fidgeted all the time. Although her grandparents loved her very much, they would be very angry if they knew that she had done such things at such a young age! Ina had always been afraid of her grandparents getting angry since she was a child. Because her grandparents were her only family, she didn't want them to be angry and sad for her.

Lewis knew how she felt, so he took her hand and said, "Ina, don't worry. No matter how angry your grandparents are, I will protect you. Besides, I'll plead with grandparents sincerely to let you live with me. If they don't agree, I'll kneel in front of them and I'll get up as long as they agree! "

"Lewis..." Ina was deeply touched by Lewis' words. After what happened in the past, she realized that no matter what happened in the past, she had to live her life in the future. She felt so lucky that she had found the man whom she could spend the rest of her life with. And this man had done everything for her. How could she not be moved?

The car slowly drove into the countryside and stopped at the door of ina's house. It was rare to see such luxurious cars in the countryside, so when they saw so many magnificent cars parked in front of the gate of the house, all of them came over to watch the fun. When they saw Ina get out of the car first, they began to talk about her. It was said that this granddaughter of the Ai family was outstanding. There was such a good luxury car in their house. It seemed that she had become a shining star!

Subsequently, Lewis, Joyce and Aaron also got off from another car. People started to gossip again. The rich people were really different from them. They had totally different manners when they went out! Most of them sighed at the unfairness of their lives.

After hearing the discussions, Ina said, "Uncle and Auntie, I'm really sorry. The people here like to talk about others. Please don't mind! They didn't say that

t bad. You even know to take the responsibility when something happened. You are really like a man. We are relieved to give Ina to you! However You are still young. You haven't reached the age to get married! "

"Don't worry, Grandpa. We have discussed with Ina beforehand. We can't get the marriage license in A Country, but we can immigrate to Country B. In there, the legal age for marriage is 16 years old. We're already old enough!"

"Okay, I see. You've already come back together to act in front of me!" Mr. Mike was suddenly enlightened.

But Lewis said seriously, "Grandpa, even if you don't agree, I'll be with Ina. If you don't agree, I will elope with Ina! You are old now. I do elope with Ina, you can't catch up with us, right? "

Mr. Mike's face darkened. Lewis giggled and said, "But I know you are kind-hearted, Grandpa. You must not have the heart to see that the lovers are separated from each other and can't be together, so I came here. It turns out that I have a good taste. Grandfather, you really agreed! "

Mr. Mike laughed happily when he heard that Lewis was flattering.

Seeing that the matter was finally done smoothly, Joyce said, "Mrs. Carol, Mr. Mike, since we have discussed this matter properly, as a family, this meal is inevitable! How about going back to our city now? We can have a meal together and discuss some details about the two children. You are our elders, after all. You know more than us. "

"That's great! We must have a meal together! Then let's go! " Mr. Mike and Mrs. Carol stood up together. Ina and Lewis held each of them to walk out. When Mr. Mike saw the luxurious cars in front of the gate, he smiled and said, "Well, I haven't seen such a magnificent car in many years! But our Ai family will never be inferior! "

Aaron smiled and said: "Rest assured, Mr. Mike. There have never been so many rules in our family. You can rest assured!"

Mr. Mike nodded with satisfaction. After he got on the car, he and his friends disappeared from the country.

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