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   Chapter 444 Extra Story of Lewis and Ina 31

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Ina accompanied Bella for a while. When she saw her chatting with a group of ladies happily, she was not in the mood. Turning her eyes to take a look at Betty, she saw that she was still smiling gently by the side of Bella, who looked like a decent lady of a rich family. Seeing that, she could not help but sneer at her.

She was good at acting, for she still laughed so happily after she had done something wrong! If her behavior was brought to light and Bella found out, she would be doomed! It was true that the Cheng Family didn't value family background, but they definitely valued moral quality. What Betty did was to provoke the Cheng Family, but she did it, which was obviously to hit the muzzle of the gun! 'Very well, I will wait to see how long you can be proud of yourself. Soon you and Albert will go to hell together! I've treated you well. Even if I go to hell, I'll let you two go to hell together!'

Ina walked over indifferently, grabbed a glass of wine, and drank it, leaning against the counter. Suddenly she saw that Albert stood there alone, looking very bored. She raised her eyebrows and walked towards to him with two glasses of wine. She handed one of them to him and said with a smile, "It's boring? I also feel very bored! "

Looking up at Ina, Albert pressed his lips into a thin line and smiled, "Yes, I hate social engagements like this. But it seemed that Lewis liked this kind of party very much. What's up? You have never been with Lewis since you came here. He has drunk so much. Can't you just manage him? Did you quarrel? "

"No. how could we quarrel?" But actually she was not at ease when she said so. She looked at Lewis and saw him drink a glass of wine and then gulp it down. It was impossible for her not to be worried. He seemed to be in a bad mood. Although he was surrounded by many students and smiled brightly, Ina knew that Lewis was unhappy! Was he unhappy about her thing? But was it good to suffer from the excessive drinking?

Although she said she didn't care about him, her eyes revealed her fear. Albert smiled and shook the glass in his hand. "In fact, you care about him a lot. Ina, your eyes betrayed your heart! I don't know what happened to you. But please cherish each other when you can be together, so that you won't regret when you lose it. Many people didn't know how to cherish something until they lost it. But when they already lost it, it is meaningless to cherish it. There is a flash of alienation in the eyes of the other party. Everything is fake. It's too hypocritical! "

Ina looked up at him in shock. Did he find anything? Was he warning her something?

But no matter he found it or not, since he did not want to expose it, then let him jump in. Anyway, the matter had come to this. Victory or defeat was only a move, and she couldn't miss it.

Ina raised her glass of wine and looked at him with her clear and harmless eyes. She said, "You are the leading role of the party today. Congratulations on your 18-year-old age and your successful graduation from high school. I hope we can

sn't attach great importance to the family status, but they would not choose girls who have bad habits. So, for yourself, for Albert, and even for the family, no matter what bad habits you had before, you must quit all of them in the future if you want to be with Albert. Otherwise, it will not only disgrace yourself, but also the whole Cheng Family, and even the whole Ricky International! "

"Yes, Ina is right!" Bella nodded her head to show his agreement. "All right, Betty. Let's talk about the drug deal. I won't allow you to go to that kind of place again! Our Cheng Family resolutely stay away the drug trade, so Betty, you'd better stay away from that kind of place, so as not to get upset! "

"I know, Mrs. Bella. I will never go to that kind of place again!" As Betty spoke, she cast a glance at Ina. Meanwhile, Ina happened to look at Betty too. When they looked at each other, Ina smiled at Betty, pure and innocent, showing her friendliness and kindness.

Hearing what Bella and Ina said, Betty was furious. At this moment, the music started. A host came to the stage and said, "Beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen, now we are going to the highest part of the party - music waltz! Please find your partner and dance with music. Let's have a happy dance together! "

Suddenly, the party was engulfed in a joyous and lively music.

Albert came over, took Betty's hand and slid into the dance floor, dancing with her. At the same time, Lewis, who was a little drunk, also came over. Ignoring Ina's protest, he dragged her into the dancing floor.

Noticing that Betty's mood was not good, Albert asked, "What's wrong? Why are you so unhappy? What happened? I just saw you chatting with my mother and Ina happily! "

"Only they have a happy conversation, but I am not happy at all! It's like a meeting to judge on me! "

"Well, don't be angry. I don't think my mother will be so ignorant. Alright, don't be angry. It won't be good if you're still angry! Anger is a taboo for girls. A face full of anger will get wrinkles. "

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