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   Chapter 441 Extra Story of Lewis and Ina 28

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"I... I'm not sure. But judging from their looks, they seem to be! Besides, those girls said they wanted something more and had Betty call that yellow haired boy. I saw clearly the stuff in the yellow haired boy's chest. My eyes won't be mistaken! But I'm not sure if it were drugs. I'm not sure. After all, it was seen through the crack of the door, so I can't see it clearly. " Ina looked at Lewis worriedly and asked, "Lewis, what will you do if you are sure that Betty is taking drugs? Will you kill them? "

"Poof..." Lewis laughed out loud. He smoothed Ina's hair and said, "Ina, you have seen too many movies about cops and robbers, right? How could there be so many fights in the world? Even if my family had a strong background, how could you suspect me like this! Besides, only a blind man like Albert would consider such a vulgar woman as Betty as a treasure. Killing her would only make my hands dirty! But if I find that she really did that, I'll definitely teach her a lesson! "

"Oh, then I'm relieved. I'm really afraid that you will kill her in a fit of anger!"

Looking at her worried face, he felt funny and said, "You are a silly girl. She stole your sweetheart, and you are still thinking for her in such a critical moment. Don't you think you are silly?"

After a moment of astonishment, Ina turned to the window as if she didn't hear anything. 'Lewis, you know I don't love you. Why are you still so nice to me?'

Lewis and Ina go back to his home. As it was getting late, the door of the school had been locked. And it would be recorded a demerit for a student to go out without permission. So he took her back to his house and asked her to call her roommates. If an aunt in charge of the dormitory came to check her sleep, she would ask them to help her.

Lewis led Ina to his room. Ina had

ind a hairdryer. My hair is wet. I'm very uncomfortable! Do you have any? "

"Oh, I forgot it. My hair is short and it will be dry after I wash it for a few minutes. So I didn't use a hairdryer. Of course I don't have it in my room. Please wait for a moment. There is one in my mom's room. Come with me and get it! " As soon as he said that, he took Ina to his parents' room.

After searching his parents' room for a while, he finally found the hair dryer. He handed the hair dryer to Ina and said, "Oh, my God! I've found it finally! Let's go. Hurry to your room and dry your hair! "

Ina was pushed out of the room by Lewis and went back to his room. Lewis happily inserted the plug, ready to dry her hair. However, he found that the hair dryer was broken after it was placed for a long time! Lewis looked at Ina helplessly and said, "That's it! Just wait here. I'll go and buy one. " Then, he was about to run out of the room.

"Well, forget it. I don't have to use the hair dryer. We can go upstairs and blow the wind. Maybe my hair will dry soon. It's so late now. It's not safe for you to go out! It's okay! "

"Well, let's go upstairs for some fresh air then." Lewis took her hand and went upstairs.

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