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   Chapter 433 Extra Story——Lewis And Ina 20

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 9509

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"It's my own business. I know what I'm doing. But... " After a moment's reflection, Lewis said, "You need to be more careful, especially when you face Ina. "

"Why do I have to be more cautious with Ina? What happened? "

"I think you'd better stop asking. You're smart and capable. Do you have to let me tell you what you want to know? Come on, let's go home and have some sleep. We're so tired today! " Lewis then turned around and left.

However, when Albert heard what Lewis said, he did have doubts. But just like what Lewis said, if he wanted to know something, he didn't need others to tell him. He could find out by himself. He bit his lips and turned to walk into the room, only to find that the house was unusually quiet today, as if everyone had slept very early.

Without a pause, he took out yogurt from the fridge and went straight to the door of his bedroom on the second floor, but he stopped when he was about to push the door in. He turned around, walked to Ina's bedroom and knocked on the door gently, hearing her voice, "Who's that? "

"It's me, Albert. I heard that you stayed the whole afternoon in the infirmary. How was it? Are you feeling better? "

"I'm fine. Don't worry about me. You should go back to have a rest. I'm also very tired. "

Standing at the door of Ina's room for a long time, Albert turned around and pushed open the door of Christine's room. When he walked in, Christine was sleeping in a daze. When she opened her eyes, she saw Albert turn on the light and walked over to sit by her bed. She sat up and looked at him, asking, "Albert, why do you come back so late? Why do you come to my room instead of sleeping? "

"Hey, is everything okay? It's about Ina. "

"Yes. I told mom and dad what happened in school today. And Ina was not happy and wanted to move back to school, but she didn't do anything after she went upstairs. " Christine told Albert everything in details, and then she complained, "Albert, you're really not a nice person. Ina loves you so much, but you... But you accepted another girl in front of Ina. I have even asked a day off to help you two. It seems as if I am the one who should be sorry to Ina! "

Smiling, Albert caressed her hair and said, "You can't force one to fall in love with another. I don't like her. Even if we are really together, we won't be happy. It's good to make her stop missing me. It won't waste her youth. Wasn't it good for her to be with Lewis now? She won't be happy if she is with me! "

"But I know that if she can't get what she wants, all her happiness is in vain, because the person who makes her happy is not the one she wants. Never mind. I'm too young to understand the adult world. It doesn't matter. I'll grow up and meet the one I really like! "

"But what about Richie? "

"I've no idea! " Then she lied on the bed a

ut she still turned around and took her bag over. "Then I'll go now. You should stay at home. Don't cause trouble for the servants! I'll buy you your favorite desserts from Happy Home when I come back. Do you like them? "

"Get out of here right now! I don't like them! " He wheeled to the window, and then Bella left after giving a deep sigh.

After Lewis ran away, he started to fidget and think, 'Why did they say that they should be responsible for Ina's father death? ' So he investigated some news and found that Ina's father was also one of the richest men in C City, but his company was acquired by Ricky International. Ina's father also fled the country on a ship. Not long after the ship was travelling, it exploded and her mother was killed...

Now that he had found out the truth, he couldn't calm himself down anymore. With the help of these matters, coupled with what Bella and Carter had said, it was very likely that Ina's parents' death was related to the couple, Bella and Carter. If that was the case, then Ina still didn't know the truth of the matter. If she did, how would she think about the murderers of her parents?

But fortunately, she didn't know anything. She could live a happy life. If she know the truth one day, what would she do?

Lewis was the first one to know that there were some stories between Ina and the Cheng family, but he didn't tell her anything. Because he knew that Bella and Carter wouldn't do anything to Ina, instead, they would do better because they felt guilty. Furthermore, Ina would grow up happily and healthily without knowing anything, and she wouldn't do anything wrong.

He totally underestimated his ability. Ina knew about it so early and even disappeared all of a sudden. Maybe Lewis didn't know others before, but he knew Ina. She was so kind that she acted like an idiot. So he went to her parents' cemetery right away.

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