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   Chapter 432 Extra Story of Lewis and Ina 19

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In the morning during the class, Ina seemed to be absent-minded, with no interest in listening to anyone's lecture. When Lewis woke up, he saw Ina stealthily looking at Albert in a daze again. An anger swelled up in his heart. He raised his leg and kicked her hard in the leg.

Ina was kicked so hard that she lay prone on the table. The huge sound shocked the teacher that she even paused in her class. With a dissatisfied glance at her from the teacher, Ina immediately sat up straight and pretended to be listening to the class earnestly.

The teacher sighed slightly, turned around and went on with her work. Seeing that the teacher was not looking at her anymore, Ina turned her head in a huff, glared at Lewis, and then gave him a hard kick.

She kicked him so hard that he and the classmates behind him all fell down to the ground. The teacher trembled with fear when she heard the loud noise. She turned her head to look at Lewis and shouted, "What the hell is going on?"

"Teacher, Ina kicks me!" Lewis directly betrayed Ina. Ina hurriedly raised her head to look at the teacher, who thundered, "Both of you grab your chairs and go out to squat. You're not allowed to enter the classroom without my permission!"

Ina gave Lewis a stern look, but she had no choice but to take her chair out and squat down. Soon, Lewis came out of the room too. With a chair on his head, he squatted down and asked with a smile, "What do you think? Do you have time to miss him now? "

"You are on purpose, Lewis!"

"Yes! Otherwise, how could I be willing to squat down outside with you? Don't worry. If you can't stand it, you can beg me! I can take you to elope! "

Ina snorted at him in a huff, and then turned her head away.

Squatting down there seemed to be easy, but in fact it was laborious. After holding on for a while, Ina's legs became weak and she was trembling, and her breath became unstable. Noticing that Ina's breath was not steady, Lewis turned to look at her with worry and said, "Ina, if you really can't handle it, don't force yourself. I'll go back and tell the teacher that I accidentally fell over, okay?"

"I'm fine. I don't want to go back and face Albert and Betty either." Ina was exhausted and her speak was a little intermittent, it could be seen how much physical exhaustion she had suffered from. However, she didn't want to give up, just in order not to go in to see Albert and Betty.

Pursing his lips, Lewis didn't continue to persuade her. But he took a look at Ina from time to time, fearing that she would fall down at any moment.

However, Lewis' worry come true after a class. Ina completely failed to hold on, and her body swayed before she completely fell down. Lewis threw away his chair quickly and reached out to take her in

den causes. Don't think too much about it! Didn't Mrs. Bella and Mr. Carter treat you well these years? Why are you so stubborn? "

"Maybe they treat me well because they feel guilty to my parents? I don't believe there is anyone in the world who treats others well for no reason! " Ina sighed, "I don't know what to do."

"You'd better not do anything, because you'd better know clearly your identity and position, not to mention that you are just a child now, and you have no ability to fight them at all. Even if you are capable in the future, what can you do? Ina, you can't judge everything just by your own thoughts, or you will make the wrong decision! "

"I don't want to do anything. I know I'm incapable of doing anything. You go first. I want to stay calm and alone. I don't want to be disturbed."

Lewis looked at her, sighed, turned and walked out of her room. It seemed that she would not make any trouble, so he left in relief.

When he went out, he met Albert who just came back from the school after finishing the self-study. They stood at the door and looked at each other, but neither of them moved. They just stood there silently without saying anything.

Suddenly, Albert spoke, "You arranged everything today, didn't you? The love letter... I saw you tear it up on the playground but later I got a love letter. You stopped Ina from coming to school in advance and asked Betty to block me at the school gate. And you saved Ina and stayed with her? "

"You won't be with her, and you won't fall in love with her either. Do you want her to waste her whole life loving you like this?"

"I don't mean that. You are right. Anyway, I won't fall in love with her. It's really inappropriate for her to have expectation on me. But do you really like her? Do you know what you are thinking about? Have you seen clearly your heart? "

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