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   Chapter 431 Extra Story of Lewis and Ina 18

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Ina held Christine's hand nervously. Noticing the sweat in her hand, Christine smiled and said, "Don't worry, Ina. It's okay. My brother won't eat you! Be calm! "

Ina's face flushed red, but since Christine had helped her to this point, she couldn't stay at the last step. Otherwise, she would be too ashamed! 'Ina, come on! You can do it!'

Ina stealthily encouraged herself, took a deep breath, raised her head and walked towards Albert. But there was a sudden burst of shout in the crowd, "Promise her!"

The sound of this higher and higher shout made Ina stop. She suddenly looked up at Albert standing in front of her. It was not until now that she saw clearly that there was still a girl standing in front of him. That was Betty, who was holding a bunch of flowers, with beautiful long hair cascading down. Instead of wearing a school uniform, she wore a long dress and a pair of white shoes today, which looked clean and beautiful. She stood in front of Albert with the flowers in her hands and looked at him with a tender and gentle smile on her face. It was obvious that Betty was chasing after Albert and she was even confessing to him. All the shouts of 'promise her' they had made was to force him to date with her.

Ina stood there and watched them. The boy was handsome and the girl was beautiful. They were a perfect match!

Apparently, Christine didn't expect this. She was stunned as well, and said, "This... What the hell was going on? How could this be? Ina... " Christine turned her head to look at Ina, who was at a loss what to do.

Christine knew that she did a bad thing out of good will, so she took Ina's hand and said, "Ina, it's not like that. Let's go."

But Ina insisted on standing there. She wouldn't go until she saw the results. But Ina didn't notice herself was trembling.

Standing in front of her, Albert stared at her blankly for a long time. She did not say a word. From the moment he got off the car and appeared at the school gate, she had stopped him in front of her. She stood there with a bunch of flowers in her hand and smiled at him. She had not said a word all this time, but everyone knew what she was doing, which made him look a little awkward and helpless. However, he didn't even move an inch, as if he had never cared what had happened. In fact, his heart was turbulent.

"Ina, let's go back, okay?" Christine tried to take Ina away, but she just didn't give in. Christine was really worried. She bit her lips, looked at the couple standing not far away, and walked over to them resolutely.

However, before she could get close to them, she found that Albert suddenly put his arms around Betty's waist and pressed her into his arms. He bent over and gave her a gentle kiss on her lips. All of a sudden, the whole crowd burst into cheers.

As soon as Christine turned around to see Ina behind her, but at the moment of turnin

he was absorbed in doing homework attentively.

Both of them saw Ina come in. Seeing that, Betty straightened up and smiled at her, "Ina, thank you for giving the letter of love to Albert for me yesterday. He suddenly called me last night! Otherwise, I don't know when I can be with Albert! "

"Love letter?" Ina was shocked, the love letter... She thought, 'Had it been torn to pieces by Lewis? How could it be possible for Albert to receive that love letter?'

"Yes! Ina, thank you so much! " Betty smiled happily. Turning her head to take another look at Albert, she then looked at Ina, in an earnest tone, "Ina, can we exchange our seats? I want to sit with Albert. I think you will agree, won't you? "


"Why should I agree it?" Lewis suddenly came in, reached for Ina's waist, with a ruffian smile on his face, he said, "You want to sit closer to your boyfriend, and I want to sit closer to my girlfriend too! If you two really have changed your positions, there would be a difference between me and Ina, wouldn't it? Then if we want to flirt with each other in class, we have to cross you. What if our feelings gradually fade? That will be so bad. "

"What? Uh... That sounded reasonable! Okay! " Hearing that, Betty pursed her lips with a smile. She stood up and walked to her seat.

Ina got rid of Lewis' hand and sat in her seat. Without any hesitation, Lewis turned around and went to his own seat, closed his eyes, and began to sleep.

Ina sat down, slowly took out her book and put it on the table. She pretended to be calm and composed, but she peeped at Albert cautiously. When she found that he was very attentive, she felt very sad and almost cried again.

This was her first love. She had not had the time to tell the boy she liked that she loved him before her love died so early. She had to face them showing love in front of her every day. Only her a coward like her could bear it, right?

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