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   Chapter 429 Extra Story——Lewis and Ina 16

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 7759

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"Yes. Many people said that it was lucky to be our classmate! Not you alone! " Lewis replied indifferently.

Ina pinched the man beside her angrily. Why did he pick on every word she said? Can't he have a good talk?

Instead, Lewis gave a hard look at Ina. This woman was really stupid. Didn't she know that he was trying to help her drive away her rival in love? 'She deserves this. She dare not tell anyone her true love for the rest of her life. ' And when Betty is going to take Albert away from you, I'll see how sad you'll be! '

However, he despised himself. He didn't want Ina to fall in love with Albert, but when he saw that someone had bullied her, he wanted to help her. He didn't want her to be bullied. He was caught in a dilemma!

He stared at Ina furiously, stood up, took his lunch box to the trash can and dumped it all. Then he threw the lunch box to the sink, turned around and left. Seeing that Lewis left angrily, Ina sat there alone, melancholy. She wondered why the big boss was unhappy. It was so strange!

After having a simple meal, Albert said, "Enjoy your meal. "Then he left, leaving the two girls alone. Ina suddenly felt the atmosphere was very weird, so she began to eat like crazy.

But Betty said, "Ina, do you like Albert very much? "

"What? " Ina was taken aback by Betty's question, but she didn't swallow it. With an embarrassed smile, she replied, "No, I didn't. I just... We were in the same school when we were in middle school. We have been friends for so many years. We grew up together. As for him... I treat him like my own brother. "

"Oh, I see! I thought you liked him too! " Hearing that, Betty seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. All of a sudden, she put a letter into Ina's hand and asked, "Can you help me send this letter to Albert? I... I really like him. Please, do me a favor! You grew up with him. You must be on good terms. If you help me send him this letter, he won't say no! Please! "

Looking at the letter in her hand, Ina was shocked. What was going on? Did Betty ask her to send a love letter for her? It was so funny. But now, she had no reason to refuse her. She had told Betty that she didn't have that kind of feeling for Albert. If she refused Betty now, it would make Betty feel doubtful...

Suddenly, she felt the letter in her

who had been playing basketball. He stopped playing and he saw this scene. Then he turned around to play with no expression on his face.

After school, Ina didn't go back with Albert and Lewis in a car, but took a bus to her home alone. When she entered the room, she found that Lewis didn't go back to his home either. Being a little embarrassed, Ina rushed into her room. After what had happened today, she didn't know how to face him anymore.

Hiding in her room, Ina threw her schoolbag on the bed casually. She sat at the desk with her hands holding her head, holding her cheeks. The picture that he had kissed her during the day reappeared in her mind again. Alas, how could it be like this? What a shame! And what's more, all the students in the school saw it in front of so many people! Alas...

She rubbed her messy hair irritably and almost broke down! How could he do this? Alas! What a shame! The letter that Betty handed to her had been torn into pieces by Lewis. If she was asked, she really didn't know how to face her! Although she really didn't want to help her rival in love with her love letter, she failed to fulfill her promise. She still felt sorry for Betty. Ah, she was going crazy!

The door was pushed open gently. Ina immediately stood up and looked in the direction of the door, as if she was reflexive. She didn't heave a sigh of relief until she saw Christine come in. With a bottle of yoghurt in her hand, Christine greeted, "What's wrong with you? I noticed that you didn't look well today! What happened? "

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